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8 Benefits of Security Mirrors


Security mirrors provide a low cost but highly effective way to beef up security in our homes, workplaces and public spaces. Here are just 8 of the key benefits provided by using security mirrors.

1) Security Mirrors Help Prevent Crime

One of the main reasons that businesses and homeowners install security mirrors is to deter and prevent crime. By installing appropriate security mirrors, visibility of all areas can be improved making it difficult for criminals to gain undetected access.

When used in shops and retail premises shop-lifting can be prevented and the highly visible security mirrors immediately act as a deterrent. Warehouse mirrors are also hugely beneficial in helping prevent pilfering.

Installing security mirrors makes it clear to would-be thieves that you are taking security seriously at your home or workplace, which is enough to deter most opportunist criminals.

2) Security Mirrors are a Low Cost Security Aid

These days there are many elaborate and expensive security systems on the market involving multiple cameras, monitors, computers and complex wiring. While these systems can be highly effective they are way beyond the budgets of many home-owners and small businesses who want simple, low cost but effective security solutions.

retail security mirrors


Security mirrors are both simple and low cost. They can generally be installed very quickly by someone with basic DIY skills and they don’t require complex wiring or computer connectivity. Installing appropriately selected and located security mirrors can be much more effective than elaborate, expensive security camera systems.

3) Security Mirrors are Permanent

A key benefit provided by security mirrors is that once installed they don’t go away. As long as your security mirrors are maintained, routinely inspected and cleaned they will continue to provide reliable service for many years. With no moving parts and no need for upgrades or updates, security mirrors provide long-lasting security at minimal cost.

stainless steel safety mirrors industrial application

4) Security Mirrors Work Indoors and Outdoors

There are a variety of security mirrors available today, manufactured from materials including glass, acrylic, polycarbonate and stainless steel. Optimally designed security mirrors are available for both indoor and outdoor applications. Weatherproofing is obviously important for exterior security mirrors where it may also be important to withstand potential vandalism. Stainless steel security mirrors are capable of withstanding harsh exterior environments and both unbreakable and shatterproof security mirrors are available for situations where damage may be a risk.

5) Security Mirrors are Available in a Variety of Styles

Security mirrors are available in a wide range of styles, shapes and sizes. From hemispherical dome mirrors, popular in retail environments to provide a 360 degree view, to industrial and warehouse mirrors with bold, eye-catching frames in a variety of shapes and sizes. The wide variety of stylish security mirrors means that there are certain to be designs which meet the needs of all applications. Commercial environments will often employ a variety of security mirror types including dome mirrors, corner mirrors and rectangular security mirrors in order to provide full coverage of a wide area.

hemispheric security safety mirrors

6) Security Mirrors Support Special Applications

There are many security applications which have special requirements. For example, in prisons, institutions, police cells, secure hospitals and psychiatric facilities.In these environments there is a clear need for appropriate security precautions which help ensure that staff, patients and inmates are able to be monitored and kept safe.

Institutional security mirrors are sometimes called anti-ligature mirrors as they are designed to meet stringent requirements that prevent the mirrors from being used as a ligature point by vulnerable people who are a suicide risk.

Traffic safety and security mirrors help improve visibility at blind spots and are popular parking aids. And cycle lane safety mirrors help overcome the danger caused to cyclists when they are in the driver blind spot.

stainless steel security mirrors

Industrial and warehouse mirrors improve safety and security in these environments by enhancing visibility. Entrances and exits can be easily monitored and strategically located mirrors enable people to see around corners and avoid accidents.

7) Security Mirrors are Attractive

An often overlooked aspect of security mirrors is that they look great. Introducing security mirrors into an interior area can enhance the appearance by apparently expanding the space. Security mirrors are available in a variety of shapes and sizes with a number of different frame choices which will enhance any interior or exterior design.

8) Security Mirrors are Environmentally Friendly

An important consideration and advantage of security mirrors is that they do not require electricity, making them a far more sustainable security solution. While many are made using various plastics some use recycled materials in their manufacture.

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