Adaptabar Window Security Bars - (technical details)

AdaptaBar - Practical, low cost Window Security Bars & Security Grilles for homes and businesses

Ideal for D.I.Y or professional installation, the AdaptaBar security window bar and modular security grille system offers a practical solution to protecting vulnerable windows where the cost of a made to measure grille would be prohibitive.

Each telescopic window bar set is made up of a solid steel bar section and a robust steel tube section. This versatile modular grille system is available off the shelf in flatpack form. You choose exactly what you want - install bars only, alternatively you can turn the system into a customised grille by adding lateral spacer bars - practical protection for almost any window or door.


AdaptaBars are available in five standard lengths, with each length being available as a Face Fixing (F) or Reveal Fixing (R) bar:

GR AB18 
- 18" (457mm) extends to 30" (762mm)
GR AB30 - 30" (762mm) extends to 42" (1067mm)
GR AB42 - 42" (1067mm) ext`s to 54" (1372mm)
GR AB54 - 54" (1372mm) ext`s to 66" (1676mm)
GR AB67 - 67" (1702mm) ext`s to 79" (2007mm)

Adaptabar window security bars offer protection for any window or aperture from 18" to 79" (300 mm - 2,007 mm) in height and of any width. Their adjustability means that even if you get the measurements slightly wrong when you order the bars, you should still be able to complete the installation safely and easily (unlike trying to install a fixed grill system that is 2mm too tall for the aperture it was ordered for!)


How many bars will you need?

It`s dead easy to work out what you need`s our quick guide;

  Choosing your window bars



For Security Applications bars should be fitted at 6" (150mm) centres for general applications or 5" (125mm) centres to conform to the BS8220 standard,

For Child Safety Applications, building regulations recommend 4" (100mm) between bar centres.

Adaptabar window security bars are finished in a durable, attractive brilliant white paint, and tube ends are sealed to prevent infestation by insects, spiders, etc.  

For maximum security, use of security fastenings is recommended when installing bars and grilles.

Lateral spacers are available as an option in order to foil attempts to prize the bars apart and add significantly to the overall grill security for larger apertures. They can be installed as a single strip or can be formed into attractive geometric patterns and their use is recommended where longer bars e.g. those over 42" (1067mm) are used.



 Centre fixings are recommended when longer lengths are used




adaptabar installation



AdaptaBar components - choice of bar lengths and spacers



Use of lateral spacer links  upgrade the bars into a security grille

Bars are available with Face or Reveal fixing options as shown below and this must be specified at time of order.


Face Fixing is where the window bars fix over the face of the aperture as shown



Reveal Fixing is where the window bars fix into the aperture as shown here





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