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All New Illuminated Under Vehicle Trolley Mirror


The need for rigorous, robust safety and security measures has never been greater. The very real and worrying threats we face mean those responsible for our safety and security have a very tough job on their hands. That’s where our all-new trolley-style illuminated inspection mirror provides invaluable assistance.

Border security issues and challenges are a common feature in our news. Areas of concern include the threat of terrorism, human trafficking, people smuggling, drug trafficking and the illicit trade in weapons. In addition there are ongoing concerns over other forms of contraband including the need for plant and animal health protection.

Unfortunately, while physical and financial threats have increased, border security measures haven’t kept pace. And our transport hubs aren’t the only areas facing significant security challenges.

In 2017, 71 UK prison staff were found to be smuggling contraband into detention centres. According the Prison Officers Association, the UK prison drug market was estimated to be worth around £100 million per year, back in 2008. In 2019 drugs were discovered 13,119 times in prisons which equates to a staggering 35 incidents per day. The number of drug-related incidents were noted to have tripled since 2014, but drugs aren’t the only problem.

Weapons are also being smuggled into prisons at increasing rates. Various devices including mobile phones and tools, as well as contraband, are often attached to the underside of vehicles coming in and out of prison premises. Prison staff and bus drivers may be totally unaware their vehicles have been used by criminals who attach their illegal, hidden payload while their vehicles were innocently parked.

These examples demonstrate why there is need for a fast, effective and convenient way to thoroughly inspect the underside of automobiles and other areas that can be difficult to view.

inspection mirror with light under a vehicle
New Inspection Mirror with Light - Under a Vehicle

Who Needs Our Illuminated Inspection Mirror?

The previous notes demonstrate why those providing security at ports, airports and all transport hubs need all the help they can get. Border control operatives not only need to ensure safety and security but they also need to maintain transport throughput to keep the wheels of commerce turning. Our all-new under vehicle search and inspection mirror is a valuable, practical tool to add to their arsenal. It`s easy to use, highly effective and doesn`t require any special training.

Prisons and young offenders institutions benefit from the ability to quickly and effectively carry out under vehicle inspections. The prospect of vehicles being subjected to rigorous searches is enough to deter criminals from using this route to smuggle contraband into detention centres and prison premises.

UK police forces and military establishments also need to remain safe and secure so our illuminated inspection mirror provides valuable assistance. It folds away so can be easily stowed in a convenient location and quickly deployed to inspect any suspicious vehicles that may be parked near sensitive premises.

Public arenas and sports stadia are known to be attractive targets for terrorists. Our new search and inspection trolley mirror is not only an excellent automotive inspection mirror that`s great for getting under cars, trucks and buses, it’s also useful in speedily inspecting the underside of seating, shelving and other structures that would otherwise require a lot of bending over and crawling around.

And it should be noted that this practical, robust inspection mirror provides more than security, it also supports routine inspections often required for certification and compliance verification. For example, fleet managers who need to carry out regular vehicle inspections appreciate how our illuminated trolley mirror makes under-vehicle inspection fast and effective. Retail and commercial organisations that need to ensure their vehicles and properties are safe and secure appreciate the assistance provided by our robust search and inspection mirror that can be conveniently stored out of the way and rolled out when needed.

all new trolley mirror carried
New Trolley Mirror is Easy to Carry

How Our Illuminated Trolley Mirror Works

Our new CV650 Trolley Mirror has been designed to meet the specific needs of those responsible for carrying out search and inspection operations.

The unit is lightweight (7.2kg with battery) and folds flat for easy storage and portability. The robust construction includes an all-round rubber bumper to protect against the operational bumps and scrapes that will inevitably be run into. Importantly, our new trolley mirror has been designed to enable users to easily replace components if they are damaged. This designed-in capability ensures these units will provide reliable service well into the future.

A key feature is the large-size, 320mm x 320mm unbreakable polycarbonate mirror that reflects crystal clear images allowing operators to see the details they need. In combination with the high performance LED lightbar (delivering up to 650 lumens at 0.5 metres) this mirror enables effective inspection of all the dark recesses hidden underneath automobiles and elsewhere, even on bright, sunny days. A fully charged battery reliably provides 9 hours of continuous lamp use, without any degradation in light intensity. The battery pack can be fully recharged in just 2.5 hours and the battery charge status is reflected from the fuel cell indicator so you always know when a recharge is needed.

The high quality castors and ergonomic handle make the unit highly manoeuvrable and the ultra-low profile (just 94mm) makes it easy to get it underneath even the lowest shelving or vehicle. The fold-down, telescopic handle is firmly locked in place when deployed and folds flat for carrying and storage convenience when not in use.

We made certain that nothing can be removed from the trolley mirror and used as a weapon, which  is important in many situations. And we made certain the selected lithium battery is certified to the UN38.3 safety standard which means it`s safe for all forms of transportation.

automotive search and inspection mirror
Automotive Inspection Mirror Deployed - Ready for Use

How We Made Our Inspection Mirror Future-Proof

While we live in an age of ‘built-in obsolescence’, wherein products are purposely designed to have limited lifetimes, prompting users to buy replacements, we took a different design approach with our new illuminated inspection mirror. And it`s worth noting that our new automotive inspection mirror is fully designed, manufactured, tested and approved in the UK.

By listening to the needs of our customers and thoroughly reviewing the challenges they face, along with their day-to-day work practices, we’ve designed a trolley mirror that can be readily maintained by users at minimal cost. 

Batteries, for example, have a limited lifespan and no matter how careful people are, accidents inevitably occur. So we designed our new trolley mirror to enable users to easily replace all of the key components.

The 4Ah 12V Lithium Ion Polymer rechargeable battery, powering the high intensity LED lightbar, provides an estimated lifespan in excess of 300 recharge-usage cycles. When the time comes for replacement it`s simply a matter of obtaining a replacement from Insight Security, flipping the mirror over, undoing the securing screws, disconnecting the existing battery and then reversing the process to install the new battery. The whole operation takes only a few minutes.

The large-size robust polymer mirror can also be readily replaced along with the castors and the handle. The LED lamp unit is also replaceable but this requires the unit to be returned to Insight Security. By enabling individual components to be readily replaced we have significantly extended the lifespan of this trolley mirror, minimised environmental impact and saved our clients significant costs.

inspection mirror with light folded
Inspection Mirror with Light Folded for Storage

We Value Your Feedback

We are always interested to hear how our customers are using the products we supply and what their experiences are. If you would like to provide reviews or feedback please contact us or use the review feedback forms on our product pages.

If you have any questions about our new under vehicle inspection mirror or if you have any special requirements remember that we are here to help. Give us a call on 01273 475500 and we’ll provide you with free, expert advice.

This message was added on Thursday 21st April 2022


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