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Keepsafe Security Bags


The KeepSafe range of Tamper Evident Security Bags as manufactured by AMPAC are recognised worldwide as a leading loss prevention product.

Our stock range of security bags is available in 3 practical and convenient sizes, with each size being available in either clear or opaque material.

example of Ampac Security bag - front and back view

The easy use enclosure provides a high degree of security against; mechanical, freeze, heat, solvent and moisture methods of attack.

Once closed, unauthorised attempts to open the bag will cause the closure to void in a variety of ways depending on the type of attack that the bag seal has been attacked.

The sizes shown below are the internal size of the bags;

Product Code Description Dimensions

SC EBAMPCL1 Security Bag - Size 1- Clear 160 x 260mm
SC EBAMPCL2 Security Bag - Size 2- Clear 225 x 305mm
SC EBAMPCL3 Security Bag - Size 3- Clear 340 x 430mm

SC EBAMPOP1 Security Bag - Size 1- Opaque 160 x 260mm
SC EBAMPOP2 Security Bag - Size 2- Opaque 225 x 305mm
SC EBAMPOP3 Security Bag - Size 3- Opaque 340 x 430mm

Note: each bag features a unique identification code (shown in both numerical and barcode format), which is duplicated on the tear off receipt that can be retained for your records.

Keepsafe Tear-off Receipt

...and an external write on panel (use a pen or pencil - Tip: it`s easier to write on the panel while it`s flat, i.e. before you put something bulky into the bag)

Keepsafe write on panel


KeepSafe Security bags are simple to use.

Simply place the item to be protected into the bag, remove the backing paper from the security seal strip and fold the sealing strip over to seal the bag. Then tear off the receipt element;

Keepsafe tear of receipt


Once the bag is sealed,any attempt to break the seal to access the contents of the bag will result in various indicators on the sealing strip which indicate not only that the bag has been tampered with, but also the method of attempted access;


Physical, Freezing or Mechanical attempts to break the seal – will result in a "VOID" message appearing;

Keepsafe security seal freeze attack


Moisture or solvent based attempts to break the seal – will result in distortion of the black "KeepSafe" logos along the sealing strip;

Keepsafe seal attacked with moisture


Where heat is used to attack the seal glue, a pink stripe appears along the seal;

Keepsafe seal attacked with heat

This seal has not been tampered with;

Keepsafe seal that has not been tampered with as you can see, you will instantly and easily be able to spot where any attempt has been made to access the secured contents in the security bag thanks to the various tell tales along the seal..

When opening the bag to retrieve the contents, it is suggested that you cut off the bottom of the bag with scissors, thus retaining the evidence that the bag had not been tampered with since it was sealed.



...we also offer a versatile range of specialist Security Bags, such as our;




Heavy Duty Single Trip Cash Bags;

Keepsafe Cash Bags front and rear view

These Heavy Duty Bags have an integrated handle, measure 230 x 255mm internally and offer a 7kg capacity. These bags feature a similar type of seal closure to the Security Bags above.


Evidence Bags;

Evidence Bags

 ...Evidence Bags are available in a wide range of styles, from conventional plastic types, to the innovative new breathable bags which prevent deterioration of the contents.

The write on panels prompt the user to make sure that all key information is recorded when the bag contents are sealed.

With such a wide range to choose from please call us to discuss your requirements - we are bound to have something to meet your precise needs.


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