Anti Arson and Fire Protection Automatic Linear Fireguard `ALF`

Automatic Linear Fireguard `ALF`

Simple in concept, ALF is a brilliant system which automatically detects a fire at source and extinguishes it before it has time to take hold.


ALF Tube Extinguisher 



The stand alone ALF fire extinguisher tube is shown here protecting a PC


Originally conceived with the protection of cars and boats in mind, ALF is now also in widespread international use for the protection of:

  - electronic equipment such as PCs
  - unattended switchgear
  - fume cabinets
  - escalators
  - cable ducts, etc
  - anti arson mail boxes

Based around a sealed plastic tube, filled with a choice of extinguishants stored under a safe pressure, for larger applications the tube can be linked to a conventional style extinguisher canister to provide an increased volume of extinguishant.

The basic operation of the system is again brilliantly simple - the ALF tube acts as a linear fire detector, and should it come into contact anywhere along its length with a heat source such as a naked flame, it ruptures at that point, releasing the pressurised extinguishant directly to the source of the fire, instantly extinguishing it.

Stand alone ALF sealed tube extinguishers in 1 metre lengths are normally available off the shelf whilst longer stand alone tube extinguishers are available to order. 

The physical components of the ALF system include:

- The specially manufactured ALF detector / storage tubing,

- A range of optional pressurised reservoirs of various capacities (used to provide increased storage capacity for the extinguishant)

- Control valves etc. for use with extinguisher reservoirs as required.

- Optional electronic isolator switch
   (see ALF-IS)

- Ozone friendly ALF Extinguishant

...and for larger installations?






For larger installations requiring the availability of higher volumes of extinguishant we would be pleased to discuss your requirements including expansion reservoir(s) to provide more extinguishant, or interlinked or dual operation systems to offer backup in the event of an activation.

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