Anti Climb Paint

Anti Climb Paint is also sometimes called security paint, non-drying paint, anti burglar paint, anti vandal grease or anti intruder paint among other names.

This easily applied paint offers a simple and economic way to stop people climbing over your walls or fences, onto your flat roof, up your drainpipes or CCTV camera pole, etc - making it an effective, low cost addition to your perimeter security armoury.


Anti-climb paint or security paint is a petroleum gel based paint which is applied thickly and never sets. It remains in gel form and therefore slippery, making any attempt at climbing any surface painted with it almost impossible and certainly very messy as it will contaminate skin, clothing, etc. and prevent a firm hand or foothold.

To avoid accidental contact, it is suggested that Anti Climb paint is only used on surfaces above head height (ideally at a minimum of 2.0 to 2.4 metres / 7-8` off the ground) and we recommend that it should be used in conjunction with appropriate warning signs (in most cases, display of an appropriate warning sign may be a legal requirement where anti climb paint is used at non domestic properties / locations).


Manufactured for Insight Security, anti climb paint is available in 1.0, 2.5 and 5.0 litre cans and in a choice of colours which now includes brilliant white.

Typically it is used on: walls, poles, down-pipes, drainpipes, wall tops, railings, roof & ridge tiles, guttering and window sills.

Often it is used in conjunction with other anti climb products such as spiked collars, rotating barriers and wall top spikes to ensure that you achieve maximum security at the protected area.

Over recent years, the product has been recognised as an effective deterrent to theft of metalwork and is now recommended by the London Diocesan Advisory Committee as a practical method of deterring theft of lead or copper roof, pipe-work, etc, from church roofs and buildings.

Safe and easy to apply, with no solvents, anti-climb paint is non toxic and therefore not generally harmful to animals or people.

Please note: Anti-climb security paint could however be harmful to aquatic environments and it is therefore unsuitable for use around the garden pond or other aquatic areas.

Security paint sheds most airborne debris and offers excellent weatherproofing protection to wood, metal and masonry surfaces.


Suitable for use in temperatures between  -15 and +35 degrees C

Coverage:    Anti Climb Paint should be applied thickly (2-3mm thick) to prevent it from drying out and losing its effectiveness. When applied to the correct thickness, a 2.5 litre can of paint will cover approximately 1 square metre surface area. 

Best Price - Anti Climbing Paint: 
Volume production means - you won`t find cheaper - available in 1.0, 2.5 and 5.0 litre cans - choice of Black or Grey or Brilliant White

Warning Signs: 
it is strongly recommended (and in many cases a legal requirement) that appropriate warning signs should be displayed where this product is in use. 
It is generally accepted that warning signs should be displayed at 3-4 metre intervals on the approach side of the protected boundary fence / wall


Anti-Climb / Anti-Intruder Paint ...print friendly COSHH Safety Sheets

pdf-icon  Anti Climb Paint Safety Data Sheet

pdf-icon  Using Anti Climb Paint - quick guide


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