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Are your Sheds, Outhouses and Garages Secure?


...if not Act Now! - these are rich pickings and favourite targets for burglars

Securing your Shed, Outhouse or GarageAnyone lucky enough to have a shed, outhouse or garage, will appreciate just how valuable an asset it is – especially for the extra storage it offers for those things you don`t want or don`t have room for in your house.

For most owners, a shed or outhouse quickly becomes essential storage space for items such as; tools, garden equipment, bicycles, ATV (all-terrain vehicles) and sports equipment, however you may also be using yours as a home gym, workshop, hobby room or even a home office.

Whatever you use yours for, if you add it up, you may be surprised at the overall value of the contents, but burglars won`t be, which is why the potential rich pickings makes these areas among the burglars favourite targets – SO ARE YOUR OUTBUILDINGS SECURE?


Here are some practical things you can do to improve your security;

1. Wherever possible don`t store valuable items in sheds.

2. Use a strong lock on your door. Depending on the type of door, this could be an integral mortise lock, or a good quality padlock and hasp set ...and of course, when you are not using the building, keep it locked!

3. Shackle large items such as bicycles and lawn mowers together and, if possible secure to a permanent fixture such as a cemented in metal post, or bolt down ground anchor or wall anchor. This will make it difficult for thieves to remove.

4. Ladders and spades should also be attached to a security fixture. These items are often used by thieves to gain access to properties. Do not leave these items unattended in gardens.

5. Visibly mark all removable items such as lawnmowers, hedge trimmers and garden furniture with your postcode and house number. Alternatively use an ultra violet marker or property marking system such as "Crimestoppers DNA marking kit" from Insight Security

6. Make sure that your doors and hinges are sound and well maintained.

7. Replace ordinary screws on outbuilding doors with clutch head security screws (one way screws).

8. Make a note of the; make/model/serial number, of tools and bicycles.

9. Obscure the windows of your outbuilding to prevent thieves seeing what you have inside.

10. Beef up security at your windows by fitting them with Window Security Bars (such as the low cost range of AdaptaBars from Insight Security) or a Security Grille.

11. Consider fitting a stand-alone shed alarm. There are various types of low cost shed alarm available which incorporate magnetic contact or PIR (passive infra-red) triggers and which can be set with a conventional key or alternatively digital keypad and code. More expensive units can be armed or disarmed with a RF key fob and may even include a wireless remote sounder that could be located in your house.

12. Security lights could also be a good investment – either positioned on your house but pointed at your outbuilding, or even installed on the outbuilding itself. Security lights are normally triggered when someone passes through a PIR detection zone, which means the light is only on when someone (or something) is in the area. Where no mains electricity is available, it may be worth considering a security light with an inbuilt solar panel and internal rechargeable battery.


Remember, burglars don`t want to get caught! - so the longer you can delay them or the more you can draw attention to their presence, the less likely they are to stick around on your property – after all if you have put protection in place at your property, there will always be easier pickings elsewhere!

Good locks, secure doors and secure windows will help achieve the delay element, alarms and lights will identify their presence.

...and here are a couple of other suggestions;

- Form or join a neighbourhood watch scheme – look out for your neighbours and vice ; versa.

- Consider installing gravel paths or areas around your outbuilding – burglars can`t walk soundlessly across gravel (but do consider practicality for the ladies in your family - gravel is not kind to shoes with stilleto heels!)

- Beef up security at your perimeter –consider installing wall spikes or fence spikes on your boundary walls, gates or fences, etc. Install a lock (or padlock & chain) on your vehicle access gate

Note: Insight Security stock a wide range of perimeter security products so whether you`re looking to protect your home, or your workplace, they are bound to be able to help, so if you need further help or advice to tackle your security problems?

Visit: or call the Insight Help Team on: 01273 475500

This message was added on Tuesday 24th June 2014


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