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Best Range of Security Screws & Best Prices On-line


When you need security screws or fixings, you'll probably ...need them quickly, ...need to find a supplier that stocks the type and size you need and will supply them at a competitive price!  - here's the perfect solution...


Insight Security offer a comprehensive range of security screws, security nuts, caps and enclosures (along with the matching driver tools and installer aids), in all sizes and at great prices

...and the really great news is that the full range is now available to buy on-line at;

With around 2,000 stock items to choose from, you're certain to find what you need at the on-line shop, and if you order by 3pm, delivery will normally be next working day.

Which type of material do you need for your application?

Because security fixings are used in a variety of locations and environments, you'll need to consider what type of material and finish would be best for your application.

For general purpose indoor applications for instance, a mild steel product with a BZP (Bright Zinc Plate) finish will normally be suitable, whilst for outdoor applications a stainless steel fixing or a fixing with a galvanised or other weather protective finish will be more appropriate.

Most of our screws and other security fastenings are available from stock in A2 Stainless Steel, with some types even stocked in A4 Stainless Steel (Marine Grade).

Bespoke Manufacturing Service;

Of course there is always a chance that you may need a special non-stock size or an item manufactured from a non-stock material for your application, which is why we are pleased to offer a bespoke manufacturing service.

M30 Security Nuts, special format and size Shear Nuts and Bolts, and Customer Unique Security Fastenings (with registered matching security driver tools), are just some of the bespoke solutions our customers have commissioned, so if you need a "Special",

– call the Insight Security Team on: 01273 475500 to discuss your requirements.

What are Security Screws and Fixings used for?

The basic function of security screws and fixings is to provide a secure fixing that cannot easily be tampered with. They help to tackle opportunist theft and vandalism and have many useful preventative applications. Some tamper resistant fixings enable authorised access by using a special tool whilst others are intended as single use permanent fixings.

Who Uses Security Screws and Fasteners?

Applications include: prisons, hospitals, schools, hotels, councils, windows, computers, security fencing, public transport, signage, burglar alarms, stadium seating, security gates, security lights, shutter doors, street furniture, control boxes, museums, public amenities, playground equipment, vending and gaming machines, door ironmongery, electronic trunking, marine and port authorities and telecommunications control equipment.

Where can I buy Security Screws and Fasteners On-line?

Whatever your need Insight Security will be delighted to help. Our competitively priced range of security screws, fasteners and driver tools, is the most comprehensive available on-line and our practical, expert advice could save you money if you are not quite sure which option would be best for your application.


For more information,

Visit the new security screws section of the Insight Security website;

or call the friendly experts for Free Advice – t: 01273 475500

.Insight Security Screws Range on-line

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