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Big Boy Ground Anchor Achieves Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond


Insight Security is proud to announce that our Big Boy Motorcycle Ground Anchor has achieved the coveted and highly stringent Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond certification, the highest possible motorcycle rating, making it a leader in the field of motorbike security. Designed and developed here at Insight Security, this is an exceptional achievement from the team who have used their combined experience and expertise to develop and refine the Big Boy ground anchor, enabling it to withstand the most arduous, destructive testing from the Sold Secure test laboratories.

How We Achieved Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond

In 2019 Insight Security brought the original Big Boy ground anchor to the motorcycle security market. We recognised that while there are a growing number of ground anchors on the market today, many are not as tough as they need to be. It was noted that many of those available at the time, including 100% of the flush-mount units, would only accept security chains with links up to 11mm in diameter as this is the maximum chain size that will fit through a 50mm chain guide. This was clearly a significant limitation that would compromise the security of motorbikes and other equipment. It was this limitation that prompted the development of the Big Boy ground anchor.

big boy sold secure motorcycle diamond certificate
Big Boy Ground Anchor Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond Certificate

The Big Boy was designed to feature a tubular 70mm chain guide which enables the use of far tougher motorcycle security chains of 13mm, 16mm and even high security 19mm chains. It’s heavy duty construction uses high quality, thick walled inner and outer steel tubing, supporting the telescopic action, with an 8mm thick top plate that accommodates the lifting handle. Full immersion corrosion protection is applied during manufacture to ensure long-life and all visible surfaces are protected with a tough, baked-on black powder coat paint finish.

Sold Secure testing and appraisal involves attacking the object under test using a variety of tools and techniques. As we have described in our page on Sold Secure Ratings, strict time limits are set for the duration of the attacks. While we can’t disclose the precise details of the rigorous tests applied to our Big Boy ground anchor we are happy to report that it withstood everything that the Sold Secure test experts subjected it to - and the duration of their tests far exceeded the minimum required to achieve Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond rating.

It’s worth noting that all Sold Secure product certifications are re-validated on an annual basis. This means that our Big Boy motorcycle ground anchor is required to undergo the same rigorous testing and validation every year in order to retain the Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond certification.

Best Motorcycle Ground Anchor

Is our Big Boy motorcycle ground anchor the best concrete-in ground motorbike ground anchor available today? We think so and we’d love to hear what you think.

The Big Boy has been purposely designed as a flush-mount concrete-in telescopic ground anchor that can be driven over without causing damage to the unit or the vehicle. This makes it entirely optimal for use in driveways or car parks which are used by a variety of vehicles. The telescopic design means that the Big Boy simply disappears into the ground when not in use which means it doesn`t present a trip hazard.

big boy motorcycle ground anchor
Big Boy Ground Anchor with Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond Rating

It’s recognised that the most likely form of attack suffered by ground anchors involves the use of angle grinders. The Big Boy design means that, to be successful, an angle grinder attack would need to cut entirely through the tough, inner steel tube along with the welded-in chain guide. And if that wasn’t enough to contend with, the Big Boy also features cleverly designed internal additional protection against this form of aggressive attack.

While the Big Boy is a fantastic motorcycle ground anchor it also makes an excellent general purpose ground anchor for securing a variety of valuables including ATVs, ride-on mowers, farm equipment and other valuable machinery.

We have even been approached by an organisation considering use of our Big Boy Ground Anchor as secure tethering points for annually erected marquees at showgrounds.  

See the Big Boy Motorcycle Ground Anchor in our online shop.

To find out more about our Big Boy Heavy Duty Motorcycle Ground Anchor and how to secure your valuable motorbike (or other valuables) give us a call on 01273 475500. We are always happy to help.

This message was added on Thursday 3rd September 2020

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