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Big Boy Ground Anchor Bundle

Product code: PD BIGBOYBNDL

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Big Boy Ground Anchor Bundle SKU Number - GAP01000

When you are looking for a practical and effective way to secure your high value motorcycle or other cherished equipment, you`ll love this super security bundle.

We know that choosing the right components can be a daunting task, as not only do you need to ensure that all the components offer a similar level of security, but that they will also all work together and physically fit together.

Which is why to avoid hassle for you, using our expertise and knowledge, we have put together this super bundle. 

The bundle includes a choice of high quality padlocks, a 19mm High Security Pragmasis Protector Chain, and of course the Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond Big Boy Ground Anchor.

The Components –

Big Boy Ground Anchor.

This superb telescopic Ground Anchor is designed to disappear into the ground when not in use, to avoid it becoming a trip hazard. For full details of this concrete-in (embedded) Security Ground Anchor, visit our Big Boy Ground Anchor page.

The 19mm Protector Security Chain.

As most 19mm security chains are too big to slip through the Big Boy Chain Guide, we have had a special version of the Protector 19mm chain manufactured that will.

The Protector 19mm chain is guaranteed impossible to bolt crop by hand, which is why they are the strongly recommended choice for securing high value equipment such as Motorcycles, Caravans, All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), etc.

These chains have achieved "Sold Secure Gold" Rating for Caravans, as well as for Motor Cycles, ATVs, Plant, Cars and Vans, etc, which is a reflection of the high grade European raw material used and the specialist heat treatment which has been evolved over a number of years and which is undertaken in the UK to guarantee consistency and conformance to the precise specification.

These 19mm Chains are available in a choice of 1.5 or 2.0 metre lengths. For more details visit our Protector 19mm Chain page.

The Padlock.

We offer a choice of padlocks with this bundle, each of which offers a similar security rating to the security chain, (the bundle is also available as just the Big Boy and Protector Chain).

The RoundLock RL21A is ideal for use with the 19mm chain and is a convenient, easy to use dumbbell style lock, visit our RoundLock product page for full details.

The Squire SS80CS Padlock is an outstanding conventional style close shackle padlock that carries the prestigious CEN 6 Security Rating, visit our Squire SS80CS product page for full details.

The SS80CS padlock is available with a choice of standard or dimple type keys and offers over 260,000 key differs!

The BigBoy Ground Anchor Bundles Available

B151 = BigBoy + 1.5mtr 19mm Chain (Anchor & Chain only)

B152 = BigBoy + 1.5mtr 19mm Chain + RoundLock

B153 = BigBoy + 1.5mtr 19mm Chain + SS80CS Std Key

B154 = BigBoy + 1.5mtr 19mm Chain + SS80CS Dimple Key


B201 = BigBoy + 2.0mtr 19mm Chain (Anchor & Chain only)

B202 = BigBoy + 2.0mtr 19mm Chain + RoundLock

B203 = BigBoy + 2.0mtr 19mm Chain + SS80CS Std Key

B204 = BigBoy + 2.0mtr 19mm Chain + SS80CS Dimple Key



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