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Big Boy Ground Anchor Reviews and Recertification


We’ve previously proudly reported how our super-tough Big Boy Ground Anchor easily withstood rigorous independent destruction testing carried out by Bennetts, the UK’s leading assessor of motorcycling products. In this post we report the feedback provided by the lucky BikeSocial member who won a Big Boy ground anchor in their competition. And we also announce that our Big Boy has successfully achieved recertification from Sold Secure.

The Bennetts BikeSocial Big Boy review praised many aspects of our remarkable ground anchor. The reviewer highlighted the overall robustness of the construction, rigorous weatherproofing and clever telescopic design that enables the Big Boy to almost disappear into the ground when not in use.

In the destruction testing the BikeSocial assessor attempted to overcome the Big Boy using various attack tools including a mains powered angle grinder. But our robust ground anchor effectively shrugged off this attack which destroyed their grinding disc after cutting only around a third of the way into just one side of the Big Boy`s sturdy metalwork. The reviewer noted that a tough 19mm security chain would be easier to cut with an angle grinder than the Big Boy. Images of the attack damage can be seen in the Bennetts BikeSocial review.

A key feature  of the Big Boy ground anchor design which wasn`t mentioned in the review is the 16mm stainless steel retention bar. This component ensures the Big Boy remains securely anchored in place and will never degrade.

Big Boy Ground Anchor User Reviews

In their original review article BikeSocial announced that they were looking for a member to fit a Big Boy and provide some genuine user feedback. They invited people to visit their website offers page where they could enter a competition to win a Big Boy ground anchor.

The lucky winner was BikeSocial member Joe Murdoch. He’s the owner of a magnificent BMW C400GT motorcycle (named Bessie) and this is what he had to say about the Big Boy.

“What a beast it is, - you can feel the quality of the materials used in the build… it’s the Fort Knox of ground anchors and gives the family peace of mind knowing that Bessy is safe at night.”

Mr Murdoch has clearly been impressed by the quality of the Big Boy ground anchor that he won.

Installation requires that the Big Boy is set in concrete in an excavated hole. Joe Murdoch and a friend dug the required hole in his garage floor and this is what he had to say about the installation.

“Fitting was a simple process – to be honest it was a joy to install.”

Its great to hear that Mr Mudoch found the installation process ‘simple’ and enjoyable. You can see multiple images showing the stages of his ground anchor installation in the updated Bennetts BikeSocial review.

And our Big Boy customers are consistently praising the ground anchor. Mr Edward Carter gave it a 5 star review and told us:

“When I read the advert and it stated Big Boy I thought that’s the ground anchor for me. … I can’t recommend this product enough, it’s so heavy and chunky a real Big Boy indeed. It’s doing a perfect job and when it’s not in use it’s so discreet you’d hardly know it was there. The best part, no trip hazard when it’s retracted. Would I recommend insight security, 110% yes."

And Justin Clapp provided another 5 star review and said:

“Looks like a really tough piece of kit…. I now feel confident that it will keep my bike secure.”

Sold Secure Recertification

As noted in the Bennetts BikeSocial review, our Big Boy ground anchor has achieved the Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond standard. This means it has been battered, bashed and attacked using a variety of tools, including an angle-grinder - and withstood them all.

To maintain this certification status the Big Boy must undergo recertification every year. This is carried out to ensure that any changes to the product design or manufacture are acknowledged and verified.

We are proud to report that our Big Boy ground anchor has been recertified as fully compliant with the Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond standard.

big boy recertification 2022
Big Boy Ground Anchor Recertification up to August 31st 2022


This means that the Big Boy ground anchor features in the Sold Secure approved products directory which can be searched on their website.

sold secure approved big boy
Big Boy Ground Anchor Sold Secure Approved Product

Please click here to see the Big Boy Ground Anchor in our online store.

If you have any questions about motorcycle security and ground or wall anchors remember that we are here to help. Give us a call on 01273 475500 and we’ll provide you with free, expert advice.

This message was added on Thursday 9th September 2021

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