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Big Boy Ground Anchor Withstands Bennetts Destruction Testing


We are proud to report that our incredible Big Boy Motorcycle Ground Anchor has successfully withstood rigorous independent destruction testing carried out by Bennetts. Their tests have demonstrated exactly how robust the design and construction of this formidable ground anchor is and how it achieved the highly demanding Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond standard.

Who is Bennetts?

If you’re a UK based motorcyclist then you will most likely already know about the well known Bennetts brand. Having celebrated their 90th birthday in 2020 Bennetts is widely recognised as one of the UK’s leading motorcycle, classic motorcycle and travel insurance specialists providing cover for over 200,000 riders. Importantly, Bennetts not only offer excellent insurance services they also provide, via their Bike Social platform, independent product reviews covering everything from motorcycle luggage to the latest in motorbike technology.

Launched in 2012 Bike Social delivers the latest news, product reviews and advice to help motorcyclists stay up to date with developments. Their destructive testing techniques go beyond the tests carried out by Sold Secure with the aim of finding out exactly how tough various products are. They also enable their valued motorcyclist community to get involved by providing their own independent product assessments and comments.

bennetts big boy review
Read the Bennetts Big Boy Ground Anchor Review

Bennetts Big Boy Review

The Bennetts Big Boy review praises many aspects of the ground anchor design including the overall solidity, weatherproofing and thoughtful inclusion of reflective panels on the sides of the telescopic section, making the anchor highly visible in the dark.

A nice little extra touch are the reflective panels on the sides of the unit when it’s lifted, meaning you’re more likely to see it sticking up when there’s a chain inside.

It notes how the clever telescopic design means that the anchor almost completely retracts into the ground when not in use, doesn’t present a dangerous trip hazard and can be driven over without causing any damage. Another important attribute of this concrete-in ground anchor is that it can be installed into a relatively small footprint, unlike other high security concrete-in ground anchors available today which require more space and a larger excavation.

Overall this is a very useful design.


big boy telescopic ground anchor
Buy the Big Boy Ground Anchor

Destructive Attack Resistance

The review notes that this formidable ground anchor has been proven to withstand various arduous attacks in order to meet the highly stringent Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond standard. Interestingly, it notes how an angle grinder attack is not part of the lower Motorcycle Gold test standard, hence the importance of the Motorcycle Diamond Standard which includes this assessment. Its widely known that portable, cordless angle grinders are a standard tool, widely used by motorcycle and bike thieves to cut through security cables, padlocks and chains so its an important aspect of security product testing.

In their tests Bennetts actually used a mains-powered angle grinder to assess the robustness of the Big Boy. The reviewer notes that they destroyed their grinding disc before getting anywhere near to cutting through the tough Big Boy. After destroying their grinding disc they had only managed to cut into around one third of the thick metal side of the Big Boy Ground Anchor. They point out that a 19mm security chain would be cut with an angle grinder way before the Big Boy.

Even using my mains-powered reference angle-grinder, I destroyed a disc and only got through about a third of one side of the Big Boy, so a 19mm chain would be cut before this ever is.

Their testing also involved walloping the Big Boy with a sledge-hammer. Its noted that this form of criminal attack is far less likely due to the amount of noise it creates but it serves as another excellent test of this product’s robust security capabilities. The Big Boy easily withstood this highly aggressive attack and simply suffered from a small amount of distortion. It is noted that the best a criminal can hope for, if they use this attack technique, is to loosen up the concrete into which the Big Boy is set and to achieve this would require a lot of walloping and therefore create a lot of noise.

Concluding Verdict

The Bennetts testing and review concludes that our Big Boy ground anchor is unlikely to ever be overcome by a criminal attack. It notes that the overall security limitation is down to the maximum size of the security chain with which the Big Boy was designed to work (19mm). And it points out that a high quality 19mm security chain will provide excellent security which can only be overcome with a prolonged, noisy angle grinder attack.

They conclude with a clear recommendation and further acknowledgement of the quality of our Big Boy Motorcycle Ground Anchor.

...if the Big Boy suits your needs, it’s a well-designed, quality product that’s recommended and definitely worth considering.

Telescopic Ground Anchor Uses 

While the Bennetts review is focused on the needs of motorcyclists its worth noting how our versatile, telescopic Big Boy Ground Anchor is useful in a variety of situations where there’s a need for secure anchor points which, when not in use, don’t present any form of obstacle and can be safely driven over.

Farms and agricultural businesses use a variety of valuable plant, machinery and tools that can attract criminals who know how these environments are often in remote, rural areas which aren’t overlooked and may not be closely monitored. Securely locking valuable equipment to a Big Boy Ground Anchor that can be safely retracted into the ground when not in use presents a significant security barrier that prevents theft.

Similarly, environments in which plant and machinery are stored, such as sales or hire outlets, benefit from locking their valuable equipment to Big Boy Ground Anchors.

Also boats in boatyards, often stored on trailers, have been stolen by brazen thieves who gain access to the boatyard and then confidently hitch a trailer to their vehicle. A Big Boy Ground Anchor prevents this form of theft and when not in use doesn’t get in the way of other boatyard users.

The Big Boy anchor is also being installed into communal and public car parking facilities allowing motorcyclists to securely lock their motorbikes in place. And when not in use the Big Boy retracts to surface level so there is no risk to car park users either on foot or in their vehicles.

We are always excited to hear of the many ways people are using our Big Boy Ground Anchor to meet their needs. Providing secure anchor points for large marquees and showground tents for example. Also, providing secure anchor points on market trading sites. 

Our versatile Big Boy is increasingly recognised as a valuable yet highly affordable security enhancement that’s easy to install and immediately effective.

Customer Reviews

It`s worth noting some of the reviews we have received for our Big Boy Ground Anchor, for example.

When I read the advert and it stated Big Boy I thought that’s the ground anchor for me. It’s to hold a trailer on our drive. I ordered it online and from that point on until it arrived 48hrs later (super quick) I was kept up to date on its progress and given a deliver time and name of the driver. I can’t recommend this product enough, it’s so heavy and chunky a real Big Boy indeed. It’s doing a perfect job and when it’s not in use it’s so discreet you’d hardly know it was there. The best part, no trip hazard when it’s retracted. Would I recommend insight security, 110% yes.

Edward Carter

Mr Carter is using our Big Boy Ground Anchor to secure a trailer on his driveway. He is clearly very happy with the product, appreciating its robustness and praising the telescopic design which avoids any trip hazard. 

To find out more about our Big Boy Heavy Duty Motorcycle Ground Anchor and how to secure your valuable motorbike (or other valuables) give us a call on 01273 475500. We are always happy to help.

This message was added on Thursday 22nd July 2021

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