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Big Boy Motorcycle Ground Anchor Available Now


Back in September 2020 we proudly announced that our Big Boy Motorcycle Ground Anchor, designed and developed by our in-house team, had achieved the highest possible Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond certification. Skilled test engineers at the Sold Secure laboratories subjected the device to arduous, destructive testing using a variety of attack techniques and tools. Their results demonstrate that our Big Boy Motorcycle Ground Anchor is by far the best available today and this latest blog post announces the availability of this outstanding security product from our store.

In 2019 Insight Security designed the original Big Boy Ground Anchor in response to the recognised fact that many of the devices available simply weren’t as tough as they need to be in order to withstand modern-day attacks using portable power tools. Many of the best motorcycle ground anchors could only accept security chains with maximum link diameters of 11mm as this is the largest size that will fit through a 50mm chain guide. Our Big Boy Ground Anchor was purposely designed to overcome this limitation by offering a tubular 70mm chain guide. This enables the use of high security chains of up to 19mm diameter (for example our protector sold secure gold chains) and will comfortably accommodate 13mm and 16mm heavy duty security chains.

Concrete-In Ground Anchors Grow in Popularity

Bikers understand the importance of securely locking up their motorbikes. But any number of locks will not prevent a valuable motorcycle from being lifted onto a truck or into a van by motorbike thieves. This is why ground anchors significantly improve motorbike security. If a motorcycle is chained to an immovable anchor point using a high security chain and padlock that can’t be easily cut with bolt croppers or an angle grinder, there is far less chance that opportunist thieves will even attempt to steal it.

There are two basic types of ground anchor: concrete-in or bolt-down. Concrete-in ground anchors, as the name indicates, are set into concrete in the ground. This form of ground anchor is the only viable option for block paving, tarmac or paving slabs - commonly used in driveways. Big Boy installation therefore requires some preparatory work to excavate a suitable hole but this is simple to carry out and once set in concrete our Big Boy provides a solid, highly robust immovable anchor point that`s the best available today.

The alternative bolt down ground anchor can often be mounted either on the ground or on a wall but importantly, bolt down ground anchors require a solid concrete substrate so they are not suitable for block paving, paving slabs or tarmac areas. Another key disadvantage of bolt-down ground anchors is that they protrude above ground which presents a significant trip hazard and potential for damage if they are driven over.

In recent months we’ve noted a surge in interest for our concrete-in ground anchors as motorcyclists and others take stock of their security precautions and recognise the need for the very best, immovable, concrete-in ground anchor available today. That’s our Big Boy Motorcycle Ground Anchor which is not only great for securing motorbikes, it’s also an effective anchor point for a multitude of security needs.

big boy motorcycle ground anchor
Big Boy Motorcycle Ground Anchor

Big Boy Ground Anchor Features

One of the biggest issues with other ground anchor designs is the fact that they significantly protrude above ground. This can be a serious trip hazard when used at home or in locations used by pedestrians, especially in the dark. It can also be a hazard to other vehicles especially bicycles, scooters and motorbikes. But our clever Big Boy Ground Anchor design is telescopic, enabling the anchor to be completely receded into the ground such that the top plate is flush with ground level. The low level finger lifting handle only protrudes by around 6mm making the Big Boy ultra safe as it doesn’t present a trip hazard and can be safely driven over or ridden over on bikes and scooters.

The top plate of the Big Boy Ground Anchor is 8mm thick steel which makes the device super-tough and readily capable of taking the weight of vehicles driving over it or parking on top of it. This makes the Big Boy ideal for multi-vehicle parking bays that need to accommodate either cars or motorbikes. When a motorbike is parked in the space the Big Boy Ground Anchor is extended allowing a high security chain to be used to lock the motorbike in place. But when the parking bay is used by an automobile the ground anchor is contracted safely out of the way.

During manufacturing our Big Boy is subjected to a multi-stage full immersion corrosion protection process that ensures all internal and external surfaces, even those in hard to reach areas, have a tough, electrophoretic coat finish. In addition, all surfaces that will be exposed to the elements after the Big Boy is installed, are further protected with a tough, baked-on powder coat finish.

The telescopic inner section of the Big Boy Ground Anchor is prevented from being removed by means of a 16mm stainless steel bolt. This, along with the primary anchor plate, ensures that once concreted-in the Big Boy can’t be easily removed from the ground.

sold secure motorcycle diamond
Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond Certification

Importantly, our Big Boy Ground Anchor has achieved the highest possible rating of Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond. This makes it the toughest Sold Secure assessed ground anchor available today.

Big Boy Applications

Here are just some of the ways in which our Big Boy Ground Anchor enhances security.

Securing motorbikes and other valuables at home.

Installing a Big Boy Ground Anchor at home provides a rigorous locking point for your valuable motorcycle, scooter or other equipment. The fact that the telescopic Big Boy retracts completely makes it ideal for situations where pedestrians or children might walk or run as it doesn’t present a trip hazard.

Securing motorcycles in multi-vehicle parking bays.

A good example of where our Big Boy Ground Anchor is particularly useful is in office car parks which are used by staff who drive cars and others who ride motorbikes. Providing motorcyclists with immovable anchor points to which they can chain their valuable bikes is great for security. But if the parking bays might also be needed for cars then it’s important that the anchor points don’t get in the way. The telescopic Big Boy safely disappears into the ground when not in use, enabling parking bays to be safely used by both cars and motorbikes.

Securing machinery, plant and farm equipment.

Yards in which machinery and plant are stored are often targeted by criminals who know that they can quickly resell whatever they steal and that security might be quite poor, especially when sites are unmanned. Similarly, farms often have a lot of valuable equipment such as quad bikes, which can attract unwanted attention from criminals.

Immovable anchor points in these environments allow valuable machinery and vehicles to be securely attached making the criminal’s task much more difficult. But immovable anchors can potentially get in the way in these situations and may present a hazard to vehicles engaged in day to day operations. The ability to completely retract the telescopic Big Boy Ground Anchor so that it isn’t a hazard when not in use makes it ideal for these environments.

Securing boats and other valuables.

As well as stealing outboard motors from moored boats thieves are known to specifically target boatyards in search of easy pickings. Pleasure craft owners will often leave their boats mounted on trailers, ready to be easily launched. But if thieves can access the boatyard they might easily attach a trailer to their vehicle and drive it away. Securely locking the boat trailer to an immovable anchor point provides a huge deterrent that will discourage most criminals from even trying to steal it.

Invest in Security

When considering the cost of security it’s always important to think about the cost impact you’ll experience as a result of loss or theft. A good but very approximate rule-of-thumb is to consider the value of what you need to secure, divide this by 10 and this will tell you approximately how much you should consider investing in security for that item.

So, for a motorbike that would cost around £10,000 to replace, investing around £1000 to secure it would not be unreasonable.

To find out more about our BigBoy Heavy Duty Motorcycle Ground Anchor and how to secure your valuable motorbike (or other valuables) give us a call on 01273 475500. We are always happy to help.

This message was added on Friday 23rd October 2020

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