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Big Boy Motorcycle Ground Anchor Sold Secure Diamond

Product code: PD BIGBOYSSD

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Our latest BigBoy Telescopic Ground Anchor has achieved Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond status, making the tough one even tougher.



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Big Boy Motorcycle Ground Anchor Sold Secure Diamond SKU Number - GAC20110

The Mark1 BigBoy telescopic ground anchor, was a tough act to follow, but at Insight Security we never rest on our laurels and as a result of our continuous drive to develop the best motorcycle ground anchor, our new Big Boy has achieved the coveted SOLD SECURE MOTORCYCLE DIAMOND rating, making it a leader in the field.

It`s hardly surprising therefore that when Motorcycle News decided to publish a 12 page "Motorcycle Security Pull Out" that they asked us for some pictures of the Big Boy which they could use with their write up of the product. 

Designed for security and convenience it will easily accommodate larger Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold security chains such our 16mm & 19mm Protector Chains, to provide an ultra-tough, heavy duty ground anchor lock point for Motorbikes and other valuable equipment.

Please note: If you are considering purchasing the Big Boy with a 19mm Protector chain, please select either the Protector 1.5m or 2.0m "Big Boy Compatible" from the dropdown list as they are specially manufactured for use with the Big Boy.

The width dimension of the Squire 19mm chain means they cannot be used with the Big Boy.

If your 19mm chain is too big to fit through the Chain Guide of the Big Boy, you may want to consider using our larger Sub Major "U" style concrete in Ground Anchor, which will accommodate chains up to 25mm and which is also Sold Secure Diamond Rated.

Super-Strong Heavy Duty Ground Anchor - Not a Trip Hazard

The BigBoy Telescopic Ground Anchor is designed so that when installed, the top plate is flush with the surrounding ground surface so that it does not present a trip hazard and can be safely driven over. It is a heavy duty ground anchor specifically designed to work with heavy duty security chains, as are typically used to secure valuable motorcycles and other equipment.

Simple and Practical to Use

To use it, simply grab the finger lift handle and pull the concealed telescopic section upward. Then slip your security chain through the 70mm diameter chain guide, which will take up to 16mm sleeved chains with ease and some 19mm chains depending on their overall width (including allowance for any sleeving if relevant).

Use With Our Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold Rated Chains

Designed to deliver ultra-tough security whilst being easy and convenient to use, the BigBoy heavy duty ground anchor is the only flush fit telescopic unit to accommodate Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold chains up to 16/19mm (other telescopic units with a 50mm chain guide will only take an 11mm chain at maximum, which cannot meet the Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold standard).  

Attack Resistant Steel and Weatherproof Finish

The BigBoy is manufactured from rugged, thick walled steel tubing (an inner and outer tube) with an 8mm thick top plate which accommodates the finger lifting handle.

Weighing in at a chunky 9.5kg, the BigBoy is built for security and manufactured to last.

To protect against corrosion or rusting, during its manufacture, it is passed through a multi stage full immersion corrosion protection process to ensure a tough electrophoretic coat finish to all internal and external surfaces (including the most difficult to reach crevices). In addition, all surfaces that will be visible post installation, are further protected with a tough, baked on black powder coat paint finish.

A rugged 16mm Stainless Steel Bolt prevents the telescopic inner section of the ground anchor from being removed once the unit is installed and also acts as a second anchor bar within the concrete (there is also an anchor plate at the base of the unit).

The telescopic section is fitted with a tubular steel chain guide and is protected against cutting and grinding attack by heavy duty construction including a solid steel 8mm thick top plate, thick steel walls and special internal anti-grinder protection.  

How to install the Big Boy Ground Anchor.

The BigBoy heavy duty ground anchor is designed to be installed so that the top plate is flush with the surrounding ground surface, to prevent it being a trip hazard.

Installation is a simple three step process:

1.    Excavate a hole 300mm deep (and 200x200 wide as a minimum).

2.    Create a gravel bed at the bottom of the hole to aid drainage.

3.    Position the anchor on the gravel bed, so that the top plate is level with the surrounding ground surface and pour in a good 3-2-1 concrete mix to secure it in place (the flat anchor plate at the base of the unit provides stability of the anchor as the concrete is poured in around it). 

Important: Allow the concrete to fully cure before you start using your ground anchor.

Where to locate your Big Boy Ground Anchor.

Unlike Bolt-Down type Ground Anchors, BigBoy is ideal for installation into asphalt surfaces, paved or tiled areas, concrete paved block driveways, and unmade ground among others.

It also offers a practical alternative to embedded U-tube style ground anchors, which can collect water, leaves and other debris making them potentially messy to use, as well as presenting a risk of smaller feet or even animals from falling into them.

The Best Motorcycle Ground Anchor for Serious Bikers.

The BigBoy is the ultimate choice for anyone looking for a serious ground anchor that offers a high level of security coupled with convenience and easy usability, which are essential features for any heavy duty motorcycle ground anchor.

The heavy-duty materials used in manufacture and the weather protected finish will provide years of practical service, protecting your valuable bikes or other equipment, making this a really great investment

Dimensions & Weight:

Closed Height           250mm
Overall Width            200 x 200mm
Chain Aperture         70mm

Weight                       9.5kg


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Unboxing a new purchase can be a chore, but to minimise our impact on the environment, Insight Security supply goods packed with the minimum amount of recyclable packaging needed to ensure your products arrive safely and ready for you to unpack.

Here’s what`s inside the product pack


Big Boy Ground Anchor pack content

Big Boy Ground Anchor pack content

1x Big Boy Concrete-in Ground Anchor (fully assembled, ready for installation)

1x Installation Guide

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Mike Denning

This is a serious piece of kit! It is heavy and it is solid! Comes with simple instructions and is pretty straightforward to fit. We put it in our garage floor so that when the bike was out we could still have free access to the floor area without a ground anchor sitting in the middle. We are very happy with the purchase. For what this is, I don’t think it is badly priced either!!

Lance Jordan

I was in great need of a high quality product due to a attempted theft of my bike, the team assisted me with this being delivered the next working day, the Anchor is solid in manufacture & of high quality & finished well. I would highly recommend this.

Anthony Parker

The Big Boy ground anchor is heavy and well designed. This review deals only with the installation. Buyers ought to be advised to have prior experience of cutting through concrete or to get professional help. They will need an angle grinder to cut the edges of the hole and a demolition hammer to break up the concrete and loosen the sub soil to a sufficient depth. Hiring a HIlti Te2000 from the likes of HSS, will do the job easily and though big, is easily managed - money well spent. The angle grinder produces fine dust which ought not to be breathed and will need everything within a garage completely covered. Prior to concreting, the top of the anchor has to be levelled with the edge of the hole. The final concreting is simple but care is needed to avoid getting concrete in the gap between the inner and outer components.

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