Big Boy Original - Ultra Tough Ground Anchor

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BigBoy accommodates our Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold 19mm Protector Security Chains to provide an ultra-tough, heavy duty ground anchor lock point for Motorbikes, ATVs and other valuable equipment.

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Big Boy Original - Ultra Tough Ground Anchor

An Ultra-Tough Heavy Duty Ground Anchor that is not a Trip Hazard

Our BigBoy Telescopic Heavy Duty Ground anchor is designed so that when installed, the top plate is flush with the surrounding ground surface so that it does not present a trip hazard and can be safely driven over. It is a heavy duty ground anchor specifically designed to work with heavy duty security chains, typically used to secure valuable motorcycles.

Easy and Convenient to Use

To use it, simply grab the lifting handle, pull the concealed telescopic section upward and slip your security chain through the 70mm diameter chain guide, which will take up to a 19mm sleeved chain such as our Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold 19mm Protector Chain.

Accommodates Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold Rated Chains

Designed to deliver ultra-tough security whilst being easy and convenient to use, the BigBoy heavy duty ground anchor is the only flush fit telescopic unit to accommodate Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold chains up to 19mm (other telescopic units with a 50mm chain guide will only take an 11mm chain at maximum, which cannot meet that standard).  

Materials, Attack Resistance and Finish

The BigBoy is manufactured from rugged, thick walled steel tubing (an inner and outer tube) with an 8mm thick top plate which accommodates the lifting handle

Weighing in at a chunky 9.5kg, the BigBoy is fully galvanised for weather protection, with all surfaces which are visible when the unit is installed, finished with a durable baked on black powder coat paint

A 16mm Stainless Steel Bolt prevents the inner section being removed once the unit is installed and also acts as a second anchor point within the concrete (there is also an anchor plate at the base of the unit).

As well as an 8mm thick top plate, the inner tube features a 4mm steel wall thickness as well as a welded in chain guide making this a daunting challenge even for an angle grinder, but for additional protection against an angle grinder attack, the unit is also fitted with stainless steel internal roll bars.

Ground Anchor Installation

The BigBoy heavy duty ground anchor is designed to be installed so that the top plate is flush with the surrounding ground surface, to prevent it being a trip hazard.

With an overall height of 250mm the unit should be installed on a gravel bed to allow for drainage (the unit itself is designed to be self-draining), so you’ll need a hole approximately 300mm deep (and 200x200mm wide as a minimum).

Once placed in the hole, a good 3,2,1 concrete mix should be poured in around it and allowed to cure before you start using your ground anchor.

A Great Investment for Serious Bikers!

The BigBoy is the ultimate choice for anyone looking for a serious ground anchor that offers a high level of security coupled with convenience and easy usability. Essential features for any heavy duty motorcycle ground anchor.

The heavy-duty materials used in manufacture and weather protected finish will provide years of practical service protecting your valuable bikes or other equipment, making this a really great investment.


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