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Bird Free Fire Gel - 15 x Pre-loaded Standard Dishes Timesaver Pack

Product code: BS BFFG15PLD

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Bird Free Fire Gel - Time Saver Pre-loaded dish pack - no need for mastic guns - saves up to 50% installation time




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Bird Free Fire Gel - 15 x Pre-loaded Standard Dishes Timesaver Pack SKU Number - BDF01010

What is Bird Free Fire Gel (sometimes called Bird Free Optical Gel)?

It`s a non setting oil based gel product supplied in pre loaded and covered low profile plastic dishes ready for easy installation.

We`ve dispensed with the old style mastic gun based installation method which was proving both time consuming and messy, and instead now supply Bird Free Fire Gel in ready to use dishes.

Once the installation site has been cleaned and prepared, simply remove the cover from the pre-loaded dishes and stick them in position with Silirub 2 clear silicon adhesive  - quick, easy and mess free!

Bird Free is the only bird repellent gel authorised for use in the UK by the Health & Safety Executive...which means that unlike alternative chemical based pest control products, Bird Free can be installed by anyone (adopting appropriate health & safety measures and following the simple guidelines set out in the manufacturers installation guide).

In fact Bird free Fire Gel (also sometimes called Bird Free Optical Gel), is the ideal bird deterrent product for Professional Installers or a Competent Handyman (obviously DIY installation can achieve significant savings when compared to paying the high cost of Pest Control Specialists)

With thousands of installations worldwide, Bird Free Fire Gel has proven time and again to be virtually instantly effective when properly applied. It carries a 2 year manufacturers warranty, but there are already many indoor and outdoor applications that are still proving effective 4 years after installation.

Bird Free Fire Gel – the 3 way effective deterrent!

  1. The gel emits a UV light, which birds of all types see and recognise as fire and therefore treat it as a hazard area to avoid.
  2. Birds also find the smell and taste abhorrent another reason for them to avoid the area
  3. Birds do not like to come into direct contact with the gel as preening to remove it involves both taste & smell.

Main features of Bird Free Fire Gel:

  • Totally harmless to birds & animals (does not trap or injure birds)
  • Instantly effective – works right away …messy pigeon and seagull problems are often completely solved within just a few days
  • Suitable for DIY installation (save money on cost of professional installers)
  • Quick and easy to install / use
  • Maintenance free
  • Unobtrusive (no unsightly dirty spikes to see)
  • Very competitively priced solution compared to alternative bird deterrents

Where is Bird Free Fire Gel currently used?

There are already over 1,000 Governments and large companies using Bird Free Fire Gel worldwide, with applications including; use on airfields, in factories, schools, rail stations, hospitals, care homes, hotels and apartment blocks, car parks, signage on buildings, in and on coastguard buildings, on Buoys in sea channels, cafes and restaurants, and lots more.

Within the UK the product has only been available since around March 2011, but it already has a tremendous track record based on; its use in Council owned car parks (such as the installation at Horsham Local Authority), installation at high class London Hotels and Restaurants such as the Roof Gardens in Kensington, its use at properties owned and managed by Housing Trusts & Associations, all of whom have seen almost instant results.


NOTE - Birdfree Fire Gel is also available in Magnetic Dishes which is a great option for installing on metal (Ferrous) panels or structures. Simply attach to any appropriate surface with no need for silicone adhesive, and the dishes can be easily relocated if needed.


What our customers say;

I was impressed with the speed of the delivery of my order. As yet we have had no seagulls on our roof since the addition of the fire gels which we purchased from yourselves
Carol M. - Scotland (22852)

Installation Notes:

The area to be protected must be cleared of existing bird fouling and cleaned prior to installing Bird Free Fire Gel.

Note: Use of a suitable BIOCIDE is strongly recommended to minimise the risks associated with releasing airborne bacteria during the site clean-up operation, and to reduce the effect of bird hormones encouraging birds to return to the site after installation of Bird Free.

Once the site has been cleaned, the Bird Free dishes can be fixed into position at intervals (as recommended in the installation guide based on the level of existing fouling) with a silicone sealant such as "Silirub" and the dish lids (which protect the product during transit) removed from the dishes - job done - Quick, Easy, Effective!

How much Silirub will you need?

Each 300ml tube of Silirub 2 Clear silicon adhesive is sufficient to stick up to 90 Bird-Free dishes into position.

Health & safety:

...in a nutshell:  wearing of suitable protective clothing such as gloves, goggles, and respirator are highly recommended during pre cleaning and Bird Free installation. (The product can cause temporary irritation to eyes and long term contact through the skin should be avoided). Full Health and Safety Data Sheets available


See below for box cover notes:

Birdfree  health & safety notes


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Peter Woodward-Bailey

We have used these pots before all over the roof and needed some further ones to prevent the pigeons using and soiling the front ledges. They were delivered very promptly and have been installed and are doing the job that they were intended for. They seem to be the best solution to a never ending problem of pigeons in the area and as we are the highest point (penthouse) in our block of apartments we need this protection.


Great advice from customer services to ensure I got the product I needed. Product itself is incredibly easy to use - our roofer affixed the whole box of 15 to the chimney in about 15 minutes flat. The instructions are both helpful and clear. No sign of a gull on our chimney since, though to be fair, the main part of their nesting season, when they are most irritating, is over. The acid test will be next year, but so far so good!


After finding that the starlings were trying to make my attic their home, I did a bit of Googling and came across these Really quick delivery, and I have now stuck them to my roof by the area they were interested in. Straight away it stopped the birds, they all stay away from there now, really glad to find a easy and humane way of keeping them away

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