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Bird Free Fire Gel Balcony Protector Pack.

Product code: BS BFBPM

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Get rid of nuisance birds from your balcony, patio or outdoor area instantly and without causing any harm.



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Bird Free Fire Gel Balcony Protector Pack. SKU Number - BDF0400

Often favouring a corner of the balcony to nest in and rear their young, pigeons and other birds can present a massive inconvenience for the homeowner and neighbours.

Birds rearing their young are noisy and frequently aggressive, whilst the mess pigeons produce carries dozens of pathogens, offering a serious health risk to humans, and making the balcony a “no-go” area for people during the spring and summer months when access to outdoor space is most needed.

Our special “Bird Free Fire Gel Balcony Protector packs” offer an instantly effective, proven solution that is harmless to birds, pets and people but will drive the birds away, so that you can reclaim your balcony.

Our hassle free balcony packs are available in a choice of sizes and come with Bird Free dishes pre-fitted to a rubber mat, making them ready for instant use out of the box.

The dishes are spaced on the mats at the appropriate intervals, recommended for maximum effect. And when the birds have left, simply replace the lids on the Bird Free dishes, roll the mat up and store for use again should the birds ever show signs of returning. 

These rubber mat based products feature the use of our special Magnetic Bird Free dishes which offer maximum lifetime flexibility.

Before positioning the mat, you will of course need to clear any debris and bird mess from the problem area and then spray the area with the biocide supplied in the pack, which will help remove the pheromones which may otherwise attract birds back (rubber gloves and a dust mask are included in the pack for your convenience). 

Three Rubber Mat Bird Free protector packs are available.

  • Our convenient "Nest Area Mat Pack" comes complete with 4 magnetically attached Bird Free dishes, a pair of disposable nitrile gloves, a dust mask, a spray bottle of Biocide, and simple instructions to ensure best results.

  • A "4 dish bare bones Nest Area Mat Extension Pack" is also available, however this pack includes just the rubber mat and the 4 Bird Free magnetic dishes.

  • Our "General Purpose Bird Free Large Mat Pack" features a 50 x 100cm size rubber mat with 8 strategically positioned magnetically attached Bird Free dishes, disposable nitrile gloves, a dust mask, a spray bottle of Biocide, and simple instructions to ensure best results.

…and remember, if the birds are making a mess on your balcony railings, our Bird Free Pipe and Railing Pack (BS BFRAILPK) offers a simple and easily applied solution.


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Unboxing a new purchase can be a chore, but to minimise our impact on the environment, Insight Security supply goods packed with the minimum amount of recyclable packaging needed to ensure your products arrive safely and ready for you to unpack.

Here’s what`s inside the product pack


Pack 1

Nest Area Mat Pack -

Pack1 Bird Free Mat Pack 4 dish installation pack

1 x Small rubber mat with fixed metal plates
4 x Filled Bird Free Dishes (magnetic type)
1 x Spray Bottle of Biocide 
1 x Dust Mask
1 x Pair Nitrile Disposable gloves
1 x Installation / User Guide

Pack 2

Nest Area Bare Bones Extension Pack -

Bare Bones Mat extension pack

1 x Small rubber mat with fixed metal plates
4 x Filled Bird Free Dishes (magnetic type)
1 x Installation / User Guide

Pack 3

General Purpose Bird Free Large Mat Pack -
Pack3 Bird Free general purpose mat pack - 8 dish

1 x Large rubber mat (50 x 100cm) with fixed
      metal locating plates
8 x Filled Bird Free Dishes (magnetic type)
1 x Spray Bottle of Biocide
1 x Dust Mask
1 x Pair Nitrile Disposable gloves
1 x Installation / User Guide


Health & safety:

...in a nutshell:  wearing of suitable protective clothing such as gloves, goggles, and respirator are highly recommended during pre cleaning and Bird Free installation. (The product can cause temporary irritation to eyes and long term contact through the skin should be avoided). Full Health and Safety Data Sheets available


Installation Notes:

The area to be protected must be cleared of existing bird fouling and cleaned prior to installing Bird Free Fire Gel.

Note: Use of a suitable BIOCIDE is strongly recommended to minimise the risks associated with releasing airborne bacteria during the site clean-up operation, and to reduce the effect of bird hormones encouraging birds to return to the site after installation of Bird Free.

Once the site has been cleaned, the Magnetic Bird Free dishes can be fixed into position (spaced at intervals as recommended in the installation guide based on the level of existing fouling) onto the fixed metal locating plates.

The dish lids which protect the product during transit, should be removed from the dishes (the lids can be stored and replaced on the dishes for later storage of the mat and dishes once the bird threat has passed)

- job done - Quick, Easy, Effective!


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