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Bird Free Fire Gel - case studies on the product and its effectiveness in all surroundings

14 Case Studies

Although relatively new to the UK, Bird Free Fire Gel is in widespread use in many parts of the world and has consistently proven effective over periods of up to 4 years and still going strong, even in the most hostile environments!


Bird Free Fire Gel, the 3 way Bird Deterrent that's saving Businesses & Governments money worldwide,

...here are a few case studies selected from over 1,000 corporate users already using the product, which show just how effective Bird Free Fire Gel is and how it has solved the bird problem for them (click on the Case Study Links to see the full case study page);


Airports and Aviation Applications

...from hangars to terminal buildings and pedestrian walkways, birds present a major problem in airports around the world ...and the Korean Air Force have even employed Bird Free successfully to clear birds from airfields... 

  case study; Incheon Airport


Building Fascias & Signage

...Corporate signage is a great promotional tool for the company name, unfortunately pigeons, gulls, and other birds, often find it an attractive perch, from which they will frequently leave their calling card deposited on building fascias, windows and so on...

  case study; Korea Telecom Signage




Bridges and Structures

...bridges are just one of the structures that lend themselves to perching and nesting birds among the myriad of supporting beams and struts...

  case study; Sungsan Bridge




Car Parks

 ...relatively warm and safe from the elements, car parks are a natural attraction for nesting and roosting birds such as pigeons, but it's not good news for pedestrians ...and cars can suffer serious damage to their paintwork as a result of bird deposits...

  case study; Horsham Car Park (UK) - cleared of pigeons

  case study; Crawley Car Park (UK) - birds evicted

Historic Buildings, Palaces and Heritage Sites

...apart from the inconvenience and hygiene issues for visitors and pedestrians ploughing through bird droppings, nesting birds can cause enormous damage to building structures unless their debris and deposits are regularly and thoroughly removed...

  case study; Changgyeon Royal Palace - Seoul




Hospitals, Rest Homes, etc

...hospitals and care homes are places where traditionally the sick and elderly are tended to, so the last thing you need in such environments is the potential health hazards associated with bird guano...

  case study; Semin Hospital


Maritime Applications, Ports & Coastal Buildings

...Gulls and pigeons can be a nightmare around costal buildings and structures, but Bird Free Fire Gel offers a practical solution

...and it's even used to keep gulls off channel marker buoys in busy sea lanes...

  case study; Yeosu Channel Marker

  case study; Incheon Maritime Port Office



Plant & Equipment  (including external Air Conditioner units, etc)

 ...external air conditioning units on buildings are just one of the many convenient perching and roosting places birds love, but the damage directly resulting from bird fouling is not only unhygienic, but can also be very costly....

  case study; Protecting Air Conditioner plant



Restaurants, Bars & Leisure Areas

 ...a romantic meal on the terrace, watching the setting sun and enjoying a glass of fine wine, can be completely destroyed by the unwelcome attention of pigeons or seagulls, which is why caring restaurateurs are keen to keep birds away from their clientele...

  case study; Outdoor Restaurant - Covent Garden

  case study; The Roof Gardens at Kensington

Roads, Highways and Pedestrian Precincts

...pedestrians walking under trees or structures favoured by perching birds are obviously at risk, and even if they avoid a direct deposit, will still have to face the hazard of walking over slippery and messy pavements, etc. - bike parks and open air car parking spaces are also often positioned beneath bird perch areas...

  case study; Morene-Go-Ga Highway



Roofs, Window Ledges & Support Beams, etc

 ...for the birds, such areas can provide a great viewing position from which they can swoop to food areas and so on, but they sure can make a building messy...

  case study; ledges and windowsills at Covent Garden



Telecoms & Utilities (Electricity, Gas, Water)

 ...from power substations, to high pylons and telecom masts, there are many areas where bird fouling can be a serious issue, but Bird Free offers a cost effective solution...

  case study; Korea Electrical Power Company




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  Bird Free Fire Gel - selected Case Studies (300kb PDF)


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Bird Free Fire Gel, the 3 way Bird Deterrent
...that's saving Businesses & Governments money
"worldwide" and every day! 


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