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Bird Free Fire Gel - Case Study - Horsham Car Park

Just a few miles north of the UKs south coast resort of Brighton, the West Sussex market town of Horsham boasts a population of around 56,000 and a busy shopping centre.

The town is served by several covered and underground municipal car parks (many accredited with the Park Mark safety mark), however some have until recently been plagued by pigeon fouling which is not only unsightly, but also poses a significant health risk.

One such car park was the Forum Car Park, located on Blackhorse Way and it was decided that it should be used as a trial site for the new Bird Free Fire Gel bird deterrent / bird repellent.

Bird Free Fire Gel, the 3 way Bird Deterrent comes to the aid of Horsham District Council              

The Problem:

As Martin Rosier, Horsham District Council’s senior pest control officer explained, pigeons had been roosting inside the entrance to our Blackhorse Way car park for years, and the Council was receiving complaints from members of the public on health and safety grounds. Traditional bird proofing methods were not viable at the site, so when we heard about a high-tech bird repellent that had recently been introduced into the UK we decided to give it a try.


the car park entrance ...and some images of the bird fouling


The Solution:

The entrance to Horsham’s Forum car park on Blackhorse Way was cleaned of pigeon droppings and bird-proofed with Bird Free, the non-toxic natural bird repellent, on 3 March 2011.

Commenting on the efficacy of Bird Free two weeks after it had been applied at the car park, Martin Rosier observed;

By contrast, with this new Bird Free Fire Gel they simply don’t want to know. It is not overstating the case to say that I am astonished at the results.t to return to their roosts.The site was cleaned of accumulated pigeon droppings and the new repellent gel was applied where the pigeons had been roosting. The whole job was completed overnight, and there has been no sign of the pigeons returning since.For pigeons to completely desert a habitat they had been frequenting for years flies in the face of all the knowledge of pigeons and their roosting habits I have gained over 27 years in pest control. Even where physical barriers such as spikes and nets are installed, pigeons will typically still attemp

We are now planning to apply the repellent gel at another public car park in Horsham, and we have already recommended it to other Councils with similar problems.   

 Some problem areas                     ...before and after the application of Bird Free Fire Gel;

The car park provided many cosy nesting and perching areas for the birds  


messy nesting area                 messy perching areas


Natural ledges were cleared of bird debris and Bird Free Fire Gel dishes were then stuck in position with clear silicone adhesive before being filled with the active Bird Free Gel

Note: alternative fixing options are available for fixing Fire Gel dishes in place where appropriate and preferred, including; magnetic dishes, cable ties, hanging dishes






...once the pipework and other natural suspended perches had been cleaned down, the Bird Free dishes were stuck in position and filled with the deterrent Gel as seen here and the picture below                                   







...another view of the filled Bird Free Fire Gel dishes in situ                                         









...light fittings and other natural perches we also fitted with with filled Bird Free dishes                                 







Bird Free Fire Gel, the 3 way Bird Deterrent
...that`s saving Businesses & Governments money
"worldwide" and every day! 



Quick and easy to apply and instantly effective, Bird Free Fire Gel (also sometimes called Bird Free Optical Gel) is now available in handy pre-loaded dishes

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