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Bird Free Fire Gel - Case Study - Sungsan Bridge in Seoul, South Korea

The beautiful Sungsan Bridge is an essential structure spanning the mighty Han river, linking the two halves of the South Korean Capital, Seoul.

Opened in 1980, at 1,410 metres in length, the Sungsan Bridge is one of the longest bridges in the area and it`s 6 lane highway provides an essential link for the over 10 million residents of the city.

In May 2009, a trial installation of Bird Free Fire Gel proved so successful and instantly effective at driving problem birds from the structure, that just a month later in June 2009 a further 1,082 tubes of Bird Free Gel were deployed

Bird Free Fire Gel, the 3 way Bird Deterrent that`s saving Businesses and Governments money worldwide.

The Problem:

Staff at Seoul City Council explained that the problem droppings from around 300 pigeons were causing unsightly discolouration of the paint and corrosion of the I-beams of the bridge every day.

...and with cyclists and pedestrians crossing the bridge being subject to a daily bombardment of bird droppings landing on the roadway as often as once every 5 seconds.

The Solution:

The application of Bird Free Fire Gel has made the bridge clean and safe again and the public have returned to using the bridge.


Some examples of problem areas            ...before and after the application of Bird Free Fire Gel;

The I-Beams of the bridge form a convenient perching place for birds 



Junctions of the I-Beams make particularly attractive nesting areas                                         



...like this one                                   



...in the High Pressure "Habitat" nesting area, after clearing the areas of bird droppings and nest debris, etc, the Bird Free Fire Gel dishes have been installed close together to provide maximum deterrence to returning birds                                   



...in lower pressure perching areas, the Gel dishes can be spaced further apart

...and can be attached to the structure with Silicone adhesive (the most common method), cable ties, magnetic fixings, or special hanging dishes as preferred



...here the fire Gel dishes have been installed to keep birds away from the structural walkways. The walkways were previously heavily soiled with bird droppings, making them slippery and potentially dangerous to use.                                  






Bird Free Fire Gel, the 3 way Bird Deterrent
...that`s saving Businesses & Governments money
"worldwide" and every day! 



Quick and easy to apply and instantly effective, Bird Free Fire Gel (also sometimes called Bird Free Optical Gel) is now available in handy pre-loaded dishes

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