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Bird Free Fire Gel - Case Study - Yeosu Sea Channel Marker Buoy

Marker Buoys are used to delineate busy sea lanes, identify areas of danger such as underwater obstacles including; wrecks, rocks, etc,

They typically feature an identification number or letters (and light signal pattern) to help seafarers to negotiate safe passage .

Unfortunately however, they are also often used by seabirds as a convenient resting perch,

...which can lead to the identification marks being obscured by bird droppings, etc.

The Problem:

This marker in the Yeosu channel was regularly fouled so badly,

...that the port authorities were forced to send a boat and crew out every couple of weeks to clean the solar panels and the marked identification panels, so that the identification marks could be clearly seen.

The Solution:

On 7th April 2009, 3 tubes of Bird Free Fire Gel were used to protect the surfaces previously used by perching seagulls.

Results were instant and the Bird Free installation has completely solved the problem.

...with massive cost savings to the port authorities now that the regular maintenance trips are no longer required every few days

Ms.Jin Hyun Sook , Facility manager, quotes;

 “Seagull`s droppings Coat solar panel surface and cover the sign number on the light buoy.

Before installation, we had to clean and inspect the site at every 15 days.

After the application of Bird Free The inspection process is much more simple and only occurs every 2 months without the need for cleaning.

A huge cost savings for us” and a major contribution to the safety of ships

Bird Free Fire Gel, the 3 way Bird Deterrent
...that`s saving Businesses & Governments money
"worldwide" and every day! 



Quick and easy to apply and instantly effective, Bird Free Fire Gel (also sometimes called Bird Free Optical Gel) is now available in handy pre-loaded dishes

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