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Bird Free Fire Gel - Harmless and Highly Effective


Here in the United Kingdom we are known for our love of animals. The British Trust for Ornithology estimates that bird-loving Brits spend around £200 million each year feeding the wild birds visiting our gardens. As agriculture, urbanisation and pollution have all intensified the value that private gardens provide for our marginalised wildlife and conservation has grown.

But we are also seeing increased use of anti-bird netting. Property developers have been deploying anti-bird netting to prevent birds from nesting in areas where they plan to construct new buildings. Doing this avoids potentially expensive delays to construction projects that may be caused by the presence of nesting birds. There have been many reports in the press describing how migratory birds are returning to our shores only to find that their traditional nesting sites have been shrouded in netting. As the RSPB have stated:

’We cannot keep trying to squeeze nature into smaller and smaller spaces or demanding it fits in with our plans.’

We need to be far more considerate to our birds and sensitive to the needs of wildlife if we are to halt the decline.

anti bird netting

While the use of anti-bird netting is not illegal it has triggered widespread opposition from both ecologists and the general public. If property owners are troubled by nuisance birds then it’s recommended that alternative forms of deterrent should always be investigated before considering the use of netting. While bird netting can be very effective in blocking pest birds from specific areas it’s also highly dangerous, especially if installed incorrectly and poorly maintained.

Bird Free Fire Gel

Bird Free Fire Gel is a totally harmless yet highly effective bird deterrent that is now widely used around the world. It’s been effectively deployed in some of the most challenging environments such as Kings Cross and Paddington stations in London, Volkswagen and Airbus plants in Germany and Helsinki train station. In all of these installations the product has been highly effective, gaining praise from those challenged to deal with bird issues on these sites.

People often ask: What is the best bird deterrent? Bird Free Fire Gel is clearly amongst the best as it’s highly effective while being totally harmless.

bird free fire gel preloaded dish

How Does Bird Free Fire Gel Work?

Bird Free Fire Gel exploits the fact that birds can see ultraviolet light, unlike humans. The gel contains a mix of natural, food grade oils which emit UV light that we humans can’t see. But birds see the ultraviolet light emanating from the gel which to them looks like flames. This is what acts as an immediate deterrent, causing birds to keep away and is why the product is called ’fire gel’.

In addition, the Bird Free Gel also smells and tastes bad to birds. If they come into contact with it the process of preening and cleaning will cause them to avoid future contact by keeping away.

The important point to note regarding Bird Free Fire Gel is that it effectively keeps birds off all structures, not by presenting a dangerous, physical barrier (like anti-bird netting) but by changing their behaviour. Birds respond to the presence of Fire Gel immediately and will completely abandon even a long-term habitat once the Gel has been deployed.

How to Install Bird Free Fire Gel

An important attribute of Bird Free Fire Gel is ease-of-installation. Since the Gel doesn’t contain harmful chemicals or dangerous ingredients it can potentially be installed by anyone competent in DIY. 

The Optical Gel is supplied in boxes of 15 preloaded, low profile dishes. The installation process requires that the nesting or roosting sites are firstly cleaned and then the preloaded Bird Free Gel dishes are glued into place using good quality silicone adhesive. Gel dishes should be distributed every 150mm to 250mm, depending on the magnitude of the bird nuisance.

bird free gel 15 dish pack

Since installation doesn’t require any drilling or disturbance to the structure Bird Free Gel is highly suitable for use around historic and listed buildings. Ease-of-installation also makes this effective bird deterrent highly suitable for deployment around complex structures such as mainline railway station roof spaces.

bird free bristol temple meads station

- Bristol Temple Meads Station - 

Once installed, Bird Free Fire Gel is guaranteed to be effective for at least 2 years. But there are many indoor and outdoor installations where the deterrent is still proving to be highly effective 4 years after initial deployment.

If you have any questions regarding dealing with bird issues remember that we are here to help. Give us a call on 01273 475500 and we’ll give you some free, expert advice.

This message was added on Thursday 6th February 2020


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