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Bird Repellent Gel - Easy Installation


Our ‘Bird Nesting Season’ extends from February until August although in reality some birds can start to nest earlier and beyond. The busiest nesting period in the UK is from the 1st March until the 31st August but this varies according to species and other factors. Many wild birds are therefore on the lookout for viable nesting sites where they can safely raise their young. All birds, along with their nests and eggs, are protected by law (Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981) making it an offence to intentionally kill, injure or take any wild bird, to take or destroy their nests or recklessly disturb wild birds or any nests containing eggs or young.

But some birds, especially pigeons and seagulls, can be both a nuisance and significant health hazard. Both pigeons and seagulls are well known for the mess they make wherever they flock. Rooftops, balconies and other structures can become covered in festering bird excrement which is well known to be a significant health hazard. What’s needed is a safe way to easily and cost-effectively repel nuisance birds in the first place, without causing them any harm, by discouraging them from nesting and roosting where they are not wanted.

Bird Repellent Gel

Bird repellent gel, sometimes called Fire Gel, is the answer. In the 1970s a researcher who was testing the ability of pigeons to discriminate colours discovered, by accident, that birds can see ultraviolet (UV) light. Ultra violet light is outside the human-visible spectrum, falling between visible light and x-rays.

Further research into bird vision capabilities revealed that many bird species can see UV light. It was discovered that, other than night flying birds such as owls, the eyes of most birds are actually more sensitive to UV light than they are to visible light. It was also discovered that many birds have plumage that reflects UV light.

Bird repellent gel exploits this aspect of birds vision capabilities. It is manufactured from a totally natural, non-toxic formulation of food grade oils that emit UV light, which humans can’t see but to birds looks like flames. This is what gives this highly effective bird repellent the well known name of ‘fire gel’, because to birds it looks like balls of fire which they will always avoid.

Bird Free Repellent Gel Deployed at Kensington Roof Gardens
Bird Free Repellent Gel - Deployed at Kensington Roof Gardens

Bird Repellent Gel Installation

Our Bird Free Fire Gel is supplied in packs of pre-loaded, low-profile dishes making installation quick and easy. There are now 3 primary methods for reliably fixing these dishes in place. For flat surfaces the dishes can be simply attached using a blob of silicone sealant as adhesive or, on ferrous metal surfaces, our magnetic dishes are the ideal solution. We now offer a third fixing solution that’s optimally designed for pipework, scaffolding and railing installations.

Bird Free Gel - New Cable Tie Attachment
New Cable Tie Attachment System for Bird Free Gel Dishes

This latest simple fixing solution firmly attaches to the base of the bird repellent dishes, offering a contoured flange which neatly sits on any form of tube, pipework or railings. Slots in the mounting assembly allow cable ties to firmly secure the dishes in place. Once fixed in-situ the lid of the dishes is then removed and the bird repellent is immediately effective.


Lifting the Lid on Bird Repellent Gel

As noted, the final stage when deploying dishes of bird repellent gel is to remove the lid from the dishes, exposing the fire gel. When removing the lid it’s important not to compromise the security of the dish mounting, which isn’t a problem when the dishes are attached using cable ties but can be more challenging when using the adhesive of magnetic mounting options.

To help with this aspect of installation and deployment we are now offering the Stiq installation tool. This neat device simply fits over the bird repellent dish, allowing the dish to be held securely in position while the cover is removed, avoiding any undue pressure on the dish-mounting bond. The Stiq installation tool is what’s needed to speed up the reliable deployment of multiple bird repellent gel dishes on flat surfaces.

STIQ Installation tool for Bird Free Gel dishes.
STIQ Installation tool for Bird Free Gel Dishes

Benefits of Easy Installation

Bird free fire gel has been available for some time, but previously it has been supplied in a gel form which was found to be quite messy and not very easy to install. Pre-loaded, low-profile dishes overcame the messiness issue and this latest cable-tie based installation and fixing option further expands the product’s usefulness.

As noted, the new fixing option makes it easy to to secure dishes to existing pipework, railings and scaffolding. So if you have a balcony that’s popular with the local pigeon or seagull population it’s now easy to protect your valuable space from becoming a bird’s toilet. And if you have scaffolding, pipework, railings or other structures that attract unwanted birds, putting people’s health at risk with their bird mess, easily attaching some bird free fire gel dishes will keep them away.


If you have any questions regarding dealing with bird issues remember that we are here to help. Give us a call on 01273 475500 and we’ll give you some free, expert advice.

This message was added on Wednesday 17th March 2021

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