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Reasons to Review Your High Security Chains

Tuesday 07th Jul 2020

Reasons to Review Your High Security Chains

We all understand the need to ensure that valuable items such as motorbikes, scooters, ATVs, caravans and ride-on lawnmowers, amongst many others, are secured and protected from theft. While the volume of traffic on UK roads dropped by as much as 70% during the COVID-19 lockdown, theft of (or from) motorcycles, caravans and automobiles has not decreased significantly. In fact police forces in some areas of the UK have been reporting higher crime figures than pre-lockdown. For example, Lincolnshire reported a 35% month-on-month increase in vehicle crimes between February and March 2020.

High security chains are a primary security device, often used to secure high value items. Yet many people are unaware of changes that have made what were once considered to be high security chains much less secure.

Why We Love Atlas Bolts

Friday 03rd Jul 2020

Why We Love Atlas Bolts

There’s a huge and often bewildering variety of fixings, fastenings, bolts and screws available today. Unfortunately there are also an increasing number of poor quality, sub-standard products which should be avoided. Atlas bolts, produced by Atlas Building Products, based in Ohio, U.S.A., are our favourite, high quality self-tapping masonry fixings for the reasons described in this post.

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Protect Your Pipes and Cabling for Peace of Mind

Friday 26th Jun 2020

Protect Your Pipes and Cabling for Peace of Mind

Most buildings in the UK use drainpipes to route rainwater from rooftop guttering to drainage systems alongside exterior cabling for lighting, CCTV and telecommunications. Downpipes, cabling and ducting are common exterior features on most buildings but many of us don’t consider the potential cost of damage to these essential facilities. And it’s important to recognise that drainpipes will often provide opportunist thieves with a potential ladder to upper storey windows and youngsters will sometimes be tempted to attempt to climb them. It therefore makes sense to take stock of the exterior pipework and wiring around your properties and implement rigorous, effective protection.

Get to Know Metric Bolt Sizes

Friday 19th Jun 2020

Get to Know Metric Bolt Sizes

Nuts and bolts are essential fastenings, critical in the safe assembly of machinery, equipment, furniture and much more. In most circumstances, it’s absolutely vital that the right size of fastening is used. In this brief guide we provide an introduction to standard ISO metric sizes for nuts and bolts which will hopefully help dispel any confusion.

Developing Our Green Credentials

Wednesday 10th Jun 2020

Developing Our Green Credentials

Over recent years the impact that human activity is having on our natural environment has become starkly apparent. Global warming is happening at a worrying pace and overwhelming evidence shows that humans are the root cause. We are continuously seeing record breaking temperatures, extreme weather changes and rising sea levels as the polar ice caps melt. One of the main contributing factors to the deterioration of our natural environment is corporate pollution. Many businesses have huge carbon footprints and create enormous quantities of corporate waste. But most forward-thinking organisations are now taking steps to reduce the impact that their operations are having on our world.

Here are some of the green initiatives that we’ve implemented here at Insight Security which we hope will inspire others to do what they can to reduce their environmental impact and implement environmentally sustainable business practices.

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