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Stay Safe with Sold Secure

Thursday 23rd July 2020

Stay Safe with Sold Secure

UK public transport fears, due the the Coronavirus pandemic, have prompted many people to seek other ways to get around including bicycles, e-bikes, scooters and motorcycles. Used car dealers are also reporting record sales since social distancing rules have been relaxed and people are keen to get back to work, but less keen to do so on buses and trains. Although the government announced that “anybody may use public transport” they are still encouraging people to use alternative means wherever possible and they have specifically urged people to consider walking and cycling.

In April 2020, during the peak of the pandemic, UK bicycle sales increased by a massive 60%. But this growth has been accompanied by a significant and worrying escalation in bicycle theft with insurers warning that claims have recently jumped up by 46%.

Motorcycles and motor scooters are also attracting the attention of criminals. Around 40,000 to 50,000 motorbikes are stolen in the UK every year and around 3% of motorcyclists will unfortunately experience the pain of having their valued motorbikes stolen. A survey by the National Crime Intelligence Service (NCIS), based on the latest police figures on vehicle crime and performance bikes (500cc and above), revealed that more motorbikes are stolen in the UK than are bought new and it takes, on average, just 20 seconds for a thief to steal a motorcycle worth £10,000.

Improve Doorstep Security with Loxout

Wednesday 29th July 2020

Improve Doorstep Security with Loxout

Everybody has the right to feel safe and secure in their homes but unfortunately many households are not adequately protected. People are unaware that most burglaries take place during the daytime and in 3 out of 10 cases someone is at home when the burglary is carried out. Experiencing a home invasion from intruders, determined to find something of value, is extremely traumatic.

Distraction burglary, sometimes called ‘artifice burglary’, is a commonly used technique. It usually involves trickery and deception wherein a caller adopts a guise, possibly as a utility company employee, care worker, council employee, door to door sales person or even as a police officer. Criminals will often work in pairs enabling one to gain entry and steal things while the homeowner is distracted by the fake caller at the main door. It’s only when they notice that valuables are missing that they realise they have been burgled.

The days when burglars were after television sets and entertainment systems are long gone as the value of these once expensive electronic items has become relatively low. Today’s opportunist house thieves are looking for car keys and personal data. They are far more likely to grab laptop computers, mobile phones, bank cards, passports and personal identity information than attempt to steal a cumbersome, low value flat screen TV.


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