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Child Safety Finger Protector stops trapped fingers

Over 40,000 children each year require hospital treatment after trapping fingers in doors ...and sadly over 1,500 of the children end up suffering painful cosmetic surgery or even amputation

New Government legislation means organisations can be fined up to £20,000 if appropriate precautions are not taken to prevent these accidents.

Child Safety Finger Protector stops trapped fingers - get one today ... and you'll never have to deal with the trauma of crushed fingers.


What is Finger Protector?

Finger Protector is a simple yet robust device that prevents fingers from entering the dangerous gap along the hinged side of the door.

Easy installation - it's as simple as fitting a light bulb.

It takes just seconds to fit, without the need for special tools, nails or screws.

At 1965mm long, the Finger Protector strip protects the whole length of the hinge cavity of the door from top to bottom.

Finger Protector is the only product currently available that works with all types of doors, including Pivot doors, 180 degree opening doors and rising butt hinged doors.

It can be easily removed to accommodate door or hinge maintenance.

It uses rubber flexi-joints, so it won't split or tear in the way products manufactured as a single unit tend to.

It can be installed in just a couple of minutes without the use of any tools, nails or screws.

Finger protector is available in a range of colours to blend with any decor: Mahogany / Beech / Charcoal Grey / White


Finger Protector is essential in any environment where children come into contact with doors. Places such as: 

  - public buildings
  - schools & nursery schools
  - child minder premises
  - care homes, nursing homes
  - department stores
  - restaurants / fast food chains
  - commercial premises, etc.
  - stations, airports, hotels

    ...and don't forget your home!

You can easily stop this happening  Don't let it happen  to your child or to a  child in your care,  or visitors, etc


What existing users say ...

McDonald's Restaurants 'as simple as fitting a light bulb'

TGI Friday's Restaurants 'so unobtrusive, it's almost invisible'

Rod Hall (Head Teacher) 'I've seen the horror of a pupil's finger amputated by the hinge side of a classroom door. This new device would no doubt have saved the loss of the childs finger'

Nick Raynsford (as Under Secretary of State)

'I applaud the ingenuity and simplicity of this product'

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