Child Safety Socket Inserts or socket plug-ins - warning!

Socket Inserts for 13a Electrical Sockets

Socket Inserts or socket plug-ins are designed primarily to prevent toddlers and children from the risk of electric shocks from mains electrical sockets. They work by blocking the electrical socket holes with a blank, plastic plug.

 "Socket Inserts" are however potentially dangerous and could put your children at risk!




Here are some examples of socket inserts...


There are many styles of Socket Insert / Plug-in, each produced by a different manufacturer and sold through a variety of respected outlets, from high street names like: Boots, Mothercare and IKEA, to internet based outlets like Ebay and Amazon.

Based on in-house evaluation by our specialist home safety and security team, Insight Security decided to drop this type of product from its range some years ago, while more recently:

In independent tests undertaken for "Fatally Flawed", ..."All" Socket Inserts were considered to "Increase the Risk of Accidents" at a socket! what exactly did the tests reveal about Socket Inserts?

click below to find out:


Watch "Fatally Flawed`s" Video HERE


As shown by the video, not only are there obvious design and manufacturing issues with Socket Inserts, but the basic concept of the product is flawed.

The advice therefore is DO NOT USE Socket Inserts!

 A Practical & Useful Alternative to Socket Inserts

Where you need to prevent tampering with, or to prevent damage to your sockets or electrical plugs, a "Socket Safety Cover" such as the low cost  SocketPro range is a great investment.

"Socket Safety Covers" are a genuine "Safety Aid" and a worthwhile purchase.

Here are some examples...


UK 13a electrical sockets were introduced in 1947, are manufactured to BS1363 and are considered the safest in the world

Although they have some built in safety features however, Socket Safety Covers (which enclose the whole socket as well as the electrical plugs), provide added safety, as well as many other benefits.

The SocketPro range of socket covers  can be fitted in seconds without needing to touch the socket`s wiring, so are ideal for DIY installation.

Here are just a couple of examples of how they could be helping you,

..but there are lots more ways that they are used in the home and by businesses

protects your sockets against accidental damage (a costly repair for schools and businesses!), prevents freezers or sensitive electrical equipment being switched off while in use and lots more.


They also Stop Toddlers Pulling out Plugs! 

Unlike "Socket Inserts" which serve no useful purpose and can be dangerous,  
"Socket Safety Covers"  solve a host of problems at home, in the office or factory, fact almost anywhere! 


Here`s what just a couple of customers had to say;

...“Have received my Socket Pro Safety Cover`s very effective”  

   Dr Roger B - Staffs (4924)

...“I`ve received the Socket Pro Covers for single and double gang sockets. They are absolutely perfect and very easy to fit... ” 

   Mrs Joanne D of Gloucestershire (5684)


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