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Choosing the Best Ground Anchor or Wall Anchor


The purpose of a Ground Anchor or Wall Anchor is to provide a safe and immovable anchor point to which a valuable item can be secured against theft or unauthorised use, normally using a padlock and security chain or cable.


Wheelie Bin Lock Wall Anchor with bin Wall Anchors (and shed anchors) are popularly used as an anchor point to which items such as; ladders, garden tools or lawnmowers, etc. can be chained or otherwise secured. Often this type of anchor is attached to the internal wall of a garage, shed or outhouse, which itself will be locked up providing an added level of security.



Motorcycle chained to Ground AnchorFor heavier duty applications however, such as chaining up a cherished Motorcycle, ATV, Ride on Mower, Boat Trailer, etc, a more robust anchor will be required, such as a Ground Anchor.

There are several types of Ground Anchor available, however as with any purchase, you`ll need to ensure the unit you buy is the right type and of the right quality for your application.


Bolt Down or Concrete-In Ground Anchors

The first decision you need to make is whether you need a Bolt Down (surface mount) or Concrete-In (Embedded) type of Ground Anchor.

Bolt Down ground anchors - are easy to install, but must be fixed to a substantial substrate such as a robust concrete base which ideally will be at least 200mm (eight inches) thick.

Manufactured from hardened steel, most bolt down Ground Anchors incorporate 2 or 4 fixing points in their base and are typically supplied with security type expansion bolt fixings. The fixing bolts often feature a countersunk head to avoid the bolt head protruding above the base plate of the anchor, and a steel ball bearing to hammer into the socket drive in the head, which prevents the subsequent removal of the bolt. Alternative security fixings may employ standard hex head bolts, which are secured against subsequent removal by hammering an Armour Ring over the head once the bolt is installed.

Concrete-in ground anchors – require some excavation and a concrete mix to embed them in position. The size of the concrete block into which they are embedded will determine the level of security the anchor offers, but properly installed, this type of product offers an excellent level of security. Remember however that some Embedded Ground Anchor models may require a drainage facility, which may require the installation of a small gravel bed immediately below the anchor unit itself.

Having decided which type of installation would be most suitable, the next decision is which model of ground anchor would be best for your application.

Important considerations here are; how robust does the unit need to be (i.e. how much force may it need to withstand) and how big an aperture is required to accommodate the security chain or cable you intend to use with it.

It`s also important to remember that any security installation is only as good as its weakest part, so make sure that the padlock and security chain you intend to use with your ground anchor offers a similar level of security as the ground anchor. It would after all be silly to use a flimsy padlock or chain with a heavy duty ground anchor.

So which model anchor would be best for you?

As always the team at Insight Security have scoured the market for best value products and have come up with a range of sensibly priced, highly effective units to meet any requirement.

   Wall & Shed Anchors

single bridge ground anchor with fixingsPD GRANSM03 - Single Bridge Ground / Wall Anchor

This budget price wall anchor is manufactured from hardened steel and comes complete with security fixings.



Wall and Shed Anchor

PD GWGA3 - Ground / Wall / Shed Anchor

The extra shed anchor support plate makes this unit a great choice as an anchor point for use with a wooden shed



Shed Shackle - various viewsPD SHEDSHKLW - Shed Shackle (Sold Secure)

Sold Secure and Secured by Design certified, this hardened steel unit combined with its adjustable shaft offers great value security.

The multi-part shaft can be arranged in a number of formats to allow it to be secured to the most robust parts of the shed structure with the multiple security fixing supplied.


Wheelie Bin Lock PackPD WBLKUC – Wheelie Bin Lock

Stop your Wheelie Bin being misused, vandalised or stolen with the Wheelie Bin Lock.

Supplied with heavy duty fixings, padlock and choice of chain lengths, this versatile unit can also be used as an anchor point for a wide range of other items such as ladders, garden equipment, cycles, etc.



   Bolt Down Ground Anchors

Single Bridge Ground Anchor PackPD GRANSM03 - Single Bridge Ground / Wall Anchor 

This budget price wall anchor is manufactured from hardened steel and comes complete with security fixings.



Imobiliser Ground Anchor packPD IMOBIL - Imobiliser Ground Anchor

This Sold Secure Gold ground anchor, is a great anchor point for chains up to 16mm.




Double Bridge Ground Anchor PackPD GRANSM01 - Double Bridge Ground Anchor

Double trouble for thieves, this Sold Secure and Thatcham   certified ground anchor features 2 hardened steel bridge plates through which the chain passes.




Taurus Bull Ring Ground Anchor - Bolt Down ModelPD GRANSMTBR - Taurus Bull Ring Ground Anchor

One of our most popular bolt down units, this Sold Secure Gold Ground Anchor will accommodate up to a 19mm chain (or even 2 x 16mm chains!).



Luma Evo Bolt Down Ground Anchor PackPD LUMAEVO - Luma Evo Ground Anchor

Sleek, sophisticated and rugged this Sold Secure gold Ground Anchor stands just 20mm high when installed making it suitable for installation in areas where you may need to drive over it



   Concrete-in Ground Anchors

Taurus Bull Ring Ground Anchor - Concrete-inPD GRANCITBR - Taurus Bull Ring – Concrete-in Ground Anchor

One of our most popular concrete-in units, this Sold Secure Gold   certified Ground Anchor will accommodate up to a 19mm chain (or even 2 x 16mm chains!).



Concave U Tube Ground Anchor - concrete-inPD GRANCIUA - Concave U Tube Concrete-in Ground Anchor

This Sold Secure Gold - U style Ground Anchor is self-draining and provides maximum protection for the security chain.



Rotating Head Ground Anchor - Concrete-inPD GRANCI03 - Rotahead Concrete-in Ground Anchor

The ever popular Rotahead Sold Secure Gold Ground Anchor offers the flexibility of a rotating head which features a 50mm aperture to accommodate a security chain.






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