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Christmas Gifts that Show You Care


Christmas 2020 is not too far away and what a year it’s been. While it’s wonderful to hear about COVID-19 vaccines becoming imminently available, they aren’t with us just yet. So while we would all love to spend the festive season with our families and loved ones, for many this will not be possible. Luckily, the internet allows us to stay in touch while safely keeping our distance and online shopping continues to be a lifeline to get the essentials we all need with minimal risk. In this post we’re highlighting a handful of products available from our store that make ideal gifts. If you want to show someone that you care about them, there is no better way than to give them a gift that will help keep them and their valuables safe and secure.

Best Bike Lock

If you know someone who is getting a new bike for christmas then they will definitely want the best bike lock to keep their bicycle safe. The Squire Eiger 230 Heavy Duty Cycle D lock is amongst the strongest bike locks available today.

squire eiger bike lock
Squire Eiger Bike Lock - Sold Secure Gold Rated


This exceptional bicycle lock has achieved Sold Secure Gold rating which means that it’s been rigorously assessed and tested. This lock offers the highest level of attack resistance which means it can withstand prolonged attacks of up to at least 5 minutes from thieves using typical, well known techniques and an extensive list of attack tools. Armoured steel is used in the construction of this incredible bike lock and shackle which comes with a full 10 year manufacturers guarantee that demonstrates their confidence in this lock.

Best Portable Safe

Keeping valuables safe in our cars, trucks and away from home can be challenging. Opportunist thieves are continuously on the lookout for easily grabbed items that can be sold on for some fast cash. Sat navs, cameras and mobile phones are obvious targets which many people often need to leave in their vehicles. Our robust portable safe is the best value portable safe solution, providing a secure hiding facility that can be locked in place inside a car boot, under a seat or secured to an immovable anchor point when used indoors.

portable safe lock box
Portable Safe - Secure Lock Box


Manufactured from heavy gauge steel our portable safe weighs just 2.5kg. It comes with a security cable that allows the safe to be easily attached to an anchor point and a single key is conveniently used to simultaneously release the security cable and open the safe.

Our robust, portable safe is used by truckers, delivery drivers and others who often need to leave valuable items in their unattended vehicles. These safes have also become popular with students and others who live in shared accommodation where they ensure personal belongings are always secure.

Best Outdoor Key Safe

There can be many occasions and circumstances when someone needs to provide access to their property but they can’t answer the door or they simply can’t be there. Enabling home helpers, carers and nurses to access an elderly relatives home, for example. A secure outdoor key safe is the answer.

outdoor key safe
Secure Outdoor Key Safe


Our Sentinel Leave-a-key outdoor key safe is the best, widely used and extensively proven outdoor key safe available today. It has a large capacity enabling the storage of multiple keys including bulky car key fobs. To access the stored keys the required access code is simply entered via the keypad. This secret code can be easily changed at any time. Simply provide the key code to those who need secure access to the property and they can get the keys to gain entry without causing any disturbance.

Best Personal Attack Alarm

Are you concerned for someone’s personal safety? Maybe you have a young relative who has recently left home to go to college or university? Our compact personal alarm may be just what they need.

personal attack alarm with torch
Personal Keyring Alarm - With Torch


Our Sentinel personal attack alarm has achieved Sold Secure Gold rating and is approved by Secured by Design, the UK police security product accreditation scheme. The audible alarm siren is incredibly loud at 140dB, which will scare away any attacker or purse-snatcher. The alarm is activated by a pull-pin system which is separate from the keyring to avoid any accidental triggering. When triggered the pull cord and attached pin can be discarded, making it almost impossible to deactivate the alarm. This important feature makes this device a popular personal attack alarm for women.

Best Door Stop Alarm

Sometimes called a door wedge alarm, our door stop alarm will both raise an alert and prevent unwanted intruders from entering a property or room.

door stop wedge alarm
Door Stop Wedge Alarm


If you know someone who would benefit from additional door security then this could be just what they need. When an intruder attempts to push their way into a building or room this tapered device wedges under the door, raising an immediate audible alarm and preventing the door from being opened further. The harder an intruder pushes on the door the firmer the wedge holds the door in place while the loud 120dB alarm is continuously sounding. The alarm will not stop until pressure on the metal top plate is released or the alarm switch is turned off.

This device has been popular with travellers and those who often need to stay overnight in unfamiliar locations where it’s used for added door security in hotels and bed and breakfast establishments. It’s also popular with elderly people who appreciate the simplicity of the device that provides added security at their front doors.

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These are just a handful of the extensive range of high quality security and safety products available from our online store. Please remember that we are here to help, so if you have any questions about security and safety don`t hesitate to give us a call on 01273 475500.

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