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Coming Soon - System Zero® High Torque Security Screws


We are excited to announce the imminent availability of System Zero® high torque security screws from our range of reliable security fasteners. Read our latest blog to learn more.

There are an increasing number of differing security screws and anti-tamper fasteners available today including snake-eye or pig-nose screws, pin hex security screws, pin Torx security screws, clutch head screws and more. Each new security screw design aims to improve upon previous designs or perhaps be more suitable for certain specific applications.

When assessing which type of security fastener is most suitable for a particular application there are a number of important factors that must be considered. 

  • What level of security is required? Security fasteners range from basic (Level 1) to high security (Level 5). Determining and recognising the required level of security informs the security screw selection.
  • Do you need to remove and refit the screws? Security screws that can be removed and refitted are known as two-way screws which security fasteners that are designed to never be removed (such as clutch head screws) are called one-way screws.
  • Where will the security screws be used? Recognising the environment in which the screws will be used informs the choice of screw materials. Security screws for use in highly corrosive outdoor environments, such as seaside and marine, must be capable of withstanding the impact of weather and saltwater. Security screws for indoor applications might have lower levels of corrosion resistance.
  • Are the screws tamper-resistant? The various types of security screws offer differing levels of tamper resistance. When assessing the application its important to think about whether the screws will potentially attract tampering and go for screws that require specialist tools and drive systems to install and remove them.
  • Do the screws need to be aesthetically attractive? The physical appearance of security screws is an important consideration in many applications. Neat, symmetrical screw heads tend to be the most attractive.
  • What material will the screws be fastening? Screws need to be appropriate for the materials being fastened such as wood, plastic, steel and aluminium. Its also important to consider the material thickness and strength.
  • What type of screw head is required? There are many screw head types including countersunk, dome-head, pan-head and more.
  • How much torque must the screw withstand? Its important to consider how tight the screw will need to be when installed. For example, security screws in machine applications, where they are subject to vibration, will often need to be firmly tightened and therefore capable of withstanding high levels of torque.

What is System Zero®?

System Zero® security screws use a unique, symmetrical domed drive head with six indentations that mates with a special, matching driver tool. This cleverly designed, non-slip drive head prevents ‘cam-out’ that can occur when a screwdriver slips out of the screw head at higher levels of torque. The head design features a flange element that efficiently spreads the load making these fasteners ideal for high-torque applications and suitable for use with softer materials such as plastic.

system zero machine screw
System Zero® Flange Head Zinc Plated Machine Screw
Image: Hafren Security Fasteners


The innovative non-slip drive head makes these security screws suitable for high torque applications where screws need to be highly tightened. And these are two-way security screws as they can be readily removed and reinstalled using the matching driver tool.

system zero self tapper
System Zero® Flange Head Zinc Plated Self Tapper
Image: Hafren Security Fasteners


System Zero® screws are Level 3 fasteners which means the supply of driver tooling is controlled and not readily available from standard outlets. This is a key attribute that helps prevent tampering and ensures only those with the right tools can undo these fastenings.

system zero insert bit
System Zero® Insert Bit
Image: Hafren Security Fasteners


System Zero® Screw Types and Materials

System Zero® security screws are available in both self-tapping and metric machine screw formats. The screw head type is ‘flange-head’ which is effectively a pan-head with an added flange that effectively distributes the clamping force.

System Zero® Security screws are available in either A2 stainless steel or zinc-plated mild steel. Machine screw dimensions range from M2.5 up to M6 and self-tapping screws range from no.4 (2.9mm) up to no.8 (4.2mm).


We`ll be adding System Zero Security Screws to our store very soon. Contact us for more details.

If you have any questions about security screws, or if you have any special requirements, remember we are here to help. Give us a call on 01273 475500 and we’ll provide you with free, expert advice.

This message was added on Thursday 29th February 2024

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