Concrete screws, masonry screws and masonry bolts are just a few of the terms applied collectively to a group of products designed specifically to simplify and speed up the process of fixing shelves, furniture, machinery and equipment, or other items to concrete walls, floors or other concrete surfaces.

As well as terms like concrete screws and masonry screws, there are also a confusing array of manufacturers names and proprietry product names to wade through when trying to work out which is the best type of screw or bolt to buy. As an example, concrete screws are sometimes referred to as Tapcons, after the brand that popularized them, and which were a frequently used fastener for anchoring all kinds of fixtures and equipment to concrete and masonry materials.

In principle however, all of the latest generation of self-tapping concrete fixings, are screw-in products which eliminate the need to use older, more costly methods of fixing such as anchor bolts, sleeve anchors, or chemical fixings.

In essence they are designed to reduce their installation to a simple, two-step process;

  1. Firstly, drill a pilot hole,
  2. Then screw in the concrete fastener

- a quick and easy  solution


Development of Concrete Fixings

It is the introduction of modern manufacturing techniques and methods, that has allowed the development of these types of screw, which to be effective, have to be many times stronger than conventional screws, in order to withstand the high forces which apply as they are wound into the concrete surface.

Normal screws would simply shear off as they were screwed into the concrete, leaving part of the shaft embedded, which would cause all manner of costly and time consuming efforts to rectify. 

Key Features of Concrete Screws and Fixings

  • Provides a mechanical interlock between the construction material and the fixing

  • With no expansion stress, allows close to the edge fixing

  • Fixes along the entire thread length to enable fixing through hollow sections

  • Provides a fully removable two way fixing

  • Requires no marking out, fixes straight through your fixture

What are Concrete Screws Used For?

Concrete screws and masonry bolts are used by general builders, property developers, fencing contractors, shop fitters, plumbers and roofers among others, for a variety of jobs including;

  • Supporting fence posts

  • Attaching handrails to walls

  • Affixing satellite dishes 

  • Joining timber battens to brickwork. 

How are Concrete Screws Installed?

These screws may come with a hexagonal head, in which case a socket driver will be needed for the installation, or may have a recess in the head which will require a suitable driver bit for the installation. The most common type of recess in this type of screw is the 6 lobe Torx type, as this ensures a secure seating of the driver bit in the recess during the installation and allows for a higher torque to be applied than could be achieved with other types of recess and driver bit.

Ideally the screws will actually be installed at a low to medium speed using a hammer drill fitted with a suitable socket driver or driver bit.

The first step however is to drill a pilot, hole of the appropriate size (the drill bit size required to drill the hole will depend on the screw size, but this should be clearly specified on the box or instructions supplied with the screws).

The pilot hole should be drilled slightly deeper than the length of the screw. This overdrill will typically be around 5-10mm, but again the instructions should offer clear guidance.

Once drilling to the required depth is completed, it is important to clear any dust or debris from the hole, using a blower or cleaning brush.

When installing the screw into the pilot hole, it is important to initially apply a slight downward pressure to allow the screw to bite and begin the self tapping process as it is wound in. The result will be a robust and secure fixing, but remember not to overtighten the screw, as that could possibly cause damage to the substrate or the screw.

Removing Concrete Screws

Concrete screws are two way screws, which means they can be removed with a socket or suitable driver at a later date if required. If you remove the screw and wish to then reinsert it, you will need to consider whether the holding values would be affected.  

Versatile, Cost Effective Multi-purpose Bolts and Screws

After many years of supplying various types of concrete and masonry fixings, following careful product evaluation and very positive feedback from our installers, contractors and other users, our high performance Atlas multi-purpose bolts and screws, have become our preferred option, being a more versatile and cost effective alternative.

Our versatile Atlas Bolts offer all the benefits of concrete screws, but are also perfect for use with other materials including stone, brick, marble, slate and wood. The clever, notched self-tapping lead-in thread of these high performance, high tensile steel bolts, guarantees smooth, efficient installation and a strong secure fixing.

Available in a range of sizes from 6-10 mm and in various lengths, these versatile products are now a firm favourite with our installers.

Concrete Screws and Bolts

TORX T30 25mm Driver Bit


1 - 10

11 - 50

51 +


£1.48 ex VAT

£1.25 ex VAT

Call 01273 475500


M10x100 Hexagon Head Anchor Screw Bolt Zinc Plated - Pack of 10


1 - 4

5 - 10

11 +


£6.82 ex VAT

£6.70 ex VAT

Call 01273 475500



Introducing Atlas Bolts and Concrete Screws

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