Datatag Home Security Marking System

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The Datatag Home Security Marking System employs State-of-the-art security marking technologies to protect your valuables...



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Datatag Home Security Marking System

The Datatag Home Security Marking System is a trusted solution that is quick and easy to apply.


The Home Security Marking Pack contains;

  1x Datadots

  2x Window Stickers

  4x Domed Resin Decals 


The Datadots;  ...these tiny 1mm discs give your posesions a unique `fingerprint`.

Suspended in an adhesive lacquer, the dots are simply painted onto the item(s) to be protected with the brush attached to the inside of the bottle lid.

The Datadot container holds approximately 1,000 Datatdots that can be used to mark a wide range of items in and around the home, from Computers, TVs and Games Consoles, to lawnmowers and leisure equipment and lots more.

The adhesive lacquer glue that affixes the dots into place, also contains a UV reactive "unique" forensic chemical DNA, which ensures that the registered owner of the security marked items can always be quickly and easily identified by the Police should the item(s) ever be stolen.

The Home Security Marking pack also contains window stickers and stick-on resin warning decals to deter thieving criminals.


Datatag is recognised as being one of the UK`s leading anti-theft systems. Thieves know that Datatagged property is simply too hot to handle and once they see your property is protected they`ll usually go looking for an easier target.


We sell the full range of Datatag products, so if you can`t see what you need on our website, please Call us on 01273 475500 - we`d love to help


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John a

Fast delivery ,easy to use peace of mind my belongings are protected,and if stolen will be easy identified and returned (29344)

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