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Finger Protector Door Finger Guards from Insight Security have been independently tested for safety, are recommended by Childrens Charter and are used UK wide.



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Door Finger Guards - Finger Protector

What are Door Finger Guards?

Door Finger Guards are basically Door Hinge Safety Covers, designed to protect against finger trapping or finger amputation. 

According to UK government statistics, trapping fingers at the hinged edge of a closing door is the cause of as many as 40,000 accidents each year, requiring UK hospital treatment.

The brilliant tried, tested and field proven Door Finger Protector product supplied by Insight Security is super easy to fit and with no need for drills or screws, they can even be used on Fire Doors as they won’t compromise the fire-resistant integrity of the door.

Where Should I Install Door Finger Guards?

We are often asked which side of door is finger guard needed? The answer is that finger protectors are designed specifically to be fitted to the “Hinged Edge” of the door.

Whilst the most dangerous area is the hinge cavity, which is exposed when opening the door, on some doors the gap on the hinge pin side of the door is also a risk point, so you may need an anti finger trap door guard on both sides of the door at the hinged edge.

Why do I Need Finger Protectors?

Anyone who has ever witnessed a child, elderly person, or anyone else who has accidentally had their finger trapped in a closing door, will understand how devastating the consequences can be, which can lead to needing reconstructive surgery or amputation.

Our Finger Protectors were developed to prevent such accidents as a direct result of such an incident and include finger shields in two designs, one designed specifically to protect finger trapping accidents at the hinge cavity opening, the other to be fitted to the hinge pin side of the door.

Which Finger Door Guards Do I Need?

The main Finger Protector Shield unit (HC range) is designed to prevent fingers being trapped in the jaws of the Hinge Cavity of a closing door (where up to 32,000 lb of pressure can apply), whilst the HP unit (Hinge Pin) prevents little fingers getting trapped in the smaller gap at the Hinge Pin side of an opening door.

All of our Finger Protector units are 1965mm in length and consist of two separate parts;

  1. The semi-rigid folding door hinge cover (which features a flexible silicone hinge strip to ensure a long, trouble free operational life),
  2. The special retaining “C” channel.

Both parts come with pre-applied high bond adhesive strips to firmly secure them to the door and door frame respectively.

Installation simply means peeling off the backing tape and sticking the Door Finger Guards in position (see our printable PDF installation guide and the Installation Quick Guide Video for full details).

The clever two part design of the product ensures that the protectors can be used with doors fitted with virtually any type of hinge, including the rising butt type. It also ensures that you can easily temporarily unclip the door finger protector from the “C” channel should you need access to the door hinge for maintenance purposes – there is no need to remove the unit completely. 

The Hinge Cavity Protector unit is available in a choice of two widths, which between them, will allow around 90 percent of UK doors to be protected with just a single Finger Protector shield.

For those odd occasions when a single shield will not be adequate, the clever piggy back design ensures that 2 shields can be safely joined together with the Anti Implosion joining strips and used to solve the problem.

In addition to the Hinge Cavity protector (HC), there is also a Hinge Pin (HP) protector unit, which is designed to prevent accidents in the smaller gap at the hinge edge at the rear side of the door, which may pose a threat to small fingers.

How to Choose the Right Door Finger Guards for Your Needs

Choosing your Finger Protectors is a simple process that involves;

  1. Selecting the right size of protector for each of your doors

  2. Choosing the colour which will blend in best with your local decor
    (protectors are available in; White, Beech, Mahogany or Charcoal Grey). 

It is important to buy the right size, as when the door opens, the finger shield has to extend to prevent accidental access to the exposed hinge cavity. The amount of extension needed is determined by a combination of the thickness of the door and the maximum door opening angle.

The chart below is a simple guide which makes it easy to see which product you will need for each of your doors. Let’s assume for example that your door thickness is 60mm - from the chart you will see that;

  1. If the Maximum Door Opening Angle is 90 degrees, you will need the HC pack which includes a standard finger protector strip and a “C” channel.

  2. If the Maximum Opening Angle is 135degrees, you will need the HCL pack which contains an extra wide protector strip and a “C” channel.

  3. If the Maximum Opening Angle is 180 degrees, you will need the HC-X pack which contains 2 standard protector strips, 6 anti-implosion joining strips and a “C” channel. Note, with this pack you will need to piggy back the two protection strips and fit the anti-implosion joining strips at time of installation.

door finger guards

Note; This chart is intended as a guide for standard butt hinged doors as shown in the diagram. If you need to protect non-standard doors such as those thicker than 100mm, PVCu, Crittall or bi-fold doors, etc. please call us for advice.

What’s in the Pack?

To protect the dangerous door hinge cavity there is a choice of 4 product packs to choose from;

 Pack  Contents
 HC  1 x Standard Finger Protector Strip, plus 1 x “C” Channel
 HCL  1 x Extra Wide Finger Protector Strip, plus 1 x “C” Channel
 HC-X  2 x Standard Finger Protector Strips, 6 x Anti Implosion Strips, plus 1 x “C” Channel
 HCL-X  2 x Extra Wide Finger Protector Strips, 6 x Anti Implosion Strips, plus 1 x “C” Channel

Note; you may also need to order Finger Protector Hinge Pin safety shields which are shown as a separate product on our website. 

Ordering Your Finger Guards

All of our Finger Protector products are stock items so can normally be delivered to UK addresses within 1-2 working days. If ordering online, please remember to specify the product type(s), colours and quantities you need.

Who Uses Finger Guards for Doors?

Thanks to high quality manufacturing and the unobtrusive appearance of our commercial grade Finger Protectors, they are a firm favourite and in widespread use throughout the UK. 

The diverse range of users include;

  • schools,
  • hospitals,
  • care homes,
  • sports centres,
  • restaurants,
  • retail premises,
  • offices,
  • factories
  • public buildings
  • as well as domestic home owners.

Finger guards for doors in schools or child care centres is a recognised need throughout the UK whilst at the other end of the age spectrum, the less nimble elderly, are also at risk of finger trapping accidents.

In public buildings, restaurants or in fact anywhere open to the public, staff or visitors, there is a duty of care obligation, which could lead to prosecution and hefty fines for any organisation or managers not taking steps to prevent avoidable accidents, so investing in Finger Protectors makes sound commercial sense as well as providing a safer environment for everyone.


For more information; click the "PDF" tab at the top of the page or click on the "VIDEO" links.


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Toni (West Midlands)

Very pleased with simple to use web site and prompt delivery of well packaged goods. We ordered 16 Commercial Grade White Finger Protectors for our school and will use Insight again I’m sure (20434)

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The Finger Protector Strips are up and running (5193)

Mr Rob B (Leics)

Have received the Finger Protectors. They were very easy to fit and I particularly liked the beech colour (4946)


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