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Door Security Chains - Secured by Design


When there’s a knock at your door or your doorbell rings what do you do? Many of us immediately open our doors without a second thought. But what if we open our doors to trouble?

AgeUK and Police forces throughout the country recommend that, before opening a door, we should always check who’s on the other side and what they want. Taking a look through a peephole helps and some homeowners even go upstairs and open a window to check who’s there. Another commonly used, highly effective security precaution is to use a door security chain.

What is a Door Security Chain?

Door security chains consist of a short, robust chain that’s securely attached to the door frame and a detachable chain-keep door fitting. The short chain allows the door to be opened just enough to allow the caller to be identified without risk of them gaining entry.

door security chain

Importantly, door security chains are a form of door opening restrictor covered by the technical specification TS003:2012 which defines the product requirements along with the testing methods used to evaluate them.

What Does ’Secured by Design’ Mean?

There are a lot of security products on the market today including a huge range of door security chains. But they aren’t all as tough and reliable as they should be.

secured by design

A door security chain is a vital security device that provides added security and peace of mind to many people, particularly vulnerable, older people who may be living alone. It’s therefore essential that people know whether or not a particular door security chain will provide what’s needed.

Secured by Design is a national police crime prevention initiative that works in partnership with the Home Office, Ministry of Housing, manufacturers, testing houses, certification bodies and standards authorities - along with many others - to produce a range of world-renowned and widely respected design guides aimed at reducing crime. In order for any product to achieve SBD approval it will have been tested and verified to conform with a collection of defined security criteria.

The only door security chains sold by us here at Insight Security are ’Secured by Design’ approved high security door chains. We do not offer any low quality security products.

How to Install a Door Security Chain

One of the main advantages of a door security chain is ease-of-installation. Anyone with modest DIY skills and some basic tools can install a door chain, here’s how.

  1. Start by identifying the toughest section of your door. This is normally the mid-section into which the door lock is fitted, called the lock rail. Alternatively, you may need to consider using the vertical door jambs. The position you select on your door determines where you need to fit the chain bracket to the door frame.
  2. Use the chain bracket to mark where screw holes are needed in the door frame and drill pilot holes. Make certain that the bracket location does not allow the loose, hanging chain to become caught between the door and the frame, which could cause damage.
  3. Attach the chain bracket to the door frame using appropriate screws that are at least 25mm (1 inch) in length. Longer screws will make the bracket more secure.
  4. Position the security chain-keep on the door ensuring that it allows the chain to be attached and detached easily from the inside with the door fully closed. Mark its position and where the screw holes need to be drilled.
  5. Drill pilot holes and firmly attach the chain-keep to the door using appropriate screws.
  6. Finally, test your new door security chain to ensure that it restricts the door opening, as required.
  7. Also, check the security chain from the visitor side to make certain it’s not possible to reach inside and detach the chain from the keep (you may need to recruit some help for this test).

How to Use a Door Security Chain

Although door security chains are simple and intuitive to use there are some basic precautions and usage tips that you need to be aware of. Here’s a little guidance to help you get the best possible protection from your door security chain.

  1. Before opening your door to an unknown caller it’s always a good idea to take a look at them through a door peephole or window first. Never open your door if you don’t know who is on the other side.
  2. Before opening your door, attach your door security chain. This is the right time to attach your door chain in order to restrict the extent to which the door can be opened.
  3. Open your door with the chain attached in order to communicate with your caller, confirm their identity and find out what they want.
  4. Don’t detach your door security chain from the chain-keep until you are happy to do so.
  5. Never leave your door security chain attached. Doing so can potentially get in the way of emergency services if they need to gain access to your property. Always, attach the chain to the door keep just before you open the door.

Door Security Chain Advantages

A high quality, Secured by Design approved door security chain provides enhanced door security at very little cost. They are easily installed and don’t require specialist skills or tooling. A properly installed door security chain provides peace-of-mind by making it possible to safely deal with strangers and securely identify callers without risk.

If you have any questions regarding home security remember that we are here to help. Give us a call on 01273 475500 and we’ll give you some free, expert advice.

This message was added on Thursday 13th February 2020


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