Driveway Mirrors Provide Better Visibility

driveway mirrors come with a choice of size & colourWhy Driveway Mirrors could be just what you need:

Driveway Mirrors for better visibility are typically used to improve visibility and safety in difficult locations where clear line of sight may be obstructed.

Driveway Mirrors for home use:

Perhaps you have a driveway that leads straight onto a busy road, but where the view of approaching traffic is obscured by a bend in the road, trees or foliage, etc., which makes driving out of the driveway onto the road a risky business every time you do it.

Driveway mirrors offer a low cost, practical solution to the problem, simply positioning your mirror on a post at the end of your driveway or on the opposite side of the road from your driveway exit and angling it to reflect a view of approaching traffic will solve the problem and reduce the risk of you having an accident.

Alternatively, driveway mirrors can also be used as a parking aid, particularly useful if you have a compact parking area or a tight squeeze to get in or out of it.


Driveway Mirrors for business users, industrial sites, etc;

Tricky entrances and exits to commercial sites are quite common and often lead directly onto busy roads, so the principle benefits of Driveway Mirrors are the same as those covered above under the "Driveway Mirrors for home use" heading.

What sizes of Driveway Mirrors are available and which size do I need?

Driveway mirrors are available in round or rectangular shapes and in a range of sizes to suit different locations. They also come with a choice of frame colours, from plain white to colours such as Green (ideal for blending into the environment when surrounded by foliage), or Red or Orange (draws the users attention to the mirror to maximise the benefit).

To make life easy for you, all mirrors in the Insight Range feature in their descriptions the maximum recommended viewing distance (MVD), which is the distance between you the viewer and the reflective face of the mirror. In principle, the greater the distance between the mirror and where you will view it from, the larger the mirror required.


Where can Driveway Mirrors be positioned?

There should be no problem with fixing your mirror to any convenient surface such as your building, a wall, fence or mounting pole located on your property, unless it would contravene local planning guidelines or would compromise someones privacy, etc. Remember however that there may be restrictions which prohibit you from positioning your mirror onto land which does not belong to you.

By design, driveway mirrors are intended for use outdoors and so are manufactured from suitable materials. A mirror designed primarily for indoor may initially be a little cheaper than it`s outdoor counterpart, but is unlikely to last long in an outdoor environment, so do choose the right mirror for your requirements.


How easy is it to install Driveway Mirrors ?

The short answer is it`s very simple. All mirrors offered by Insight Security feature a bracket which offers full pan and tilt adjustment to ensure that you can adjust the mirror to provide just the view you need.

Some mirrors are supplied with a universal fixing kit, but others offer a choice of "wall fixing" or "post fixing" brackets, which means that you will need to specify which type you want when you place your order.

The fixing bolts or screws you`ll require to attach the mirror bracket to your wall or fence, etc. are not normally supplied with the mirror (too many possible options), so you may need to source these separately.


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