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Easily Installed Anti Intruder Spikes from Stegastrip


We are experts in all forms of anti climb and perimeter security. Our knowledge, experience and expertise led to the design and development of our widely popular Roller Barrier, non-aggressive anti climb system which is now extensively used around the world. But we also recognise that there are situations in which more aggressive looking anti intruder systems are most suitable. Spiked barriers have an aggressive appearance that immediately presents a strong visual deterrent to any would-be intruder. And spiked barriers are very effective in keeping animals from climbing over them.

Anti climb barriers are generally installed to both deter and prevent unwanted intruders from entering properties. It’s always important to remember that unwanted intruders might be human or they may be animals, such as your neighbour’s cats. Any anti intruder barrier must be effective in keeping these unwanted intruders out while at the same time the barrier mustn’t be harmful. Stegastrip’s clever, versatile design makes it easy to install using basic tools and DIY skills resulting in a highly effective, visually aggressive anti climb barrier.

What is Stegastrip?

An important attribute of the Stegastrip system is the visual appearance of the anti climb spikes. Moulded from robust, strengthened polypropylene, the spikes look like they are made from wrought iron. These immediately present a strong visual deterrent that will scare off all but the most determined intruders. The angular multi spike design makes it very painful to grab hold of, but will not cause serious injury. And the plastic material is both weatherproof and UV resistant which means the spikes provide many years of reliable service.

stegastrip anti climb spikes
Stegastrip anti climb wall and fence spikes

Stegastrip is supplied in packs of strips, each measuring 500mm long with a base width of 50mm and tip-to-tip spike width of 130mm. These strips are flexible enough to follow curved and uneven fence tops, trellis, wall tops and gates. And Stegastrips can be joined to form a rotating spiked barrier presenting an even more formidable anti climb deterrent.

Is Stegastrip Safe?

Property owners, aware of the need to exercise their duty-of-care toward all visitors to their properties, need to know that Stegastrip is safe. While the nasty looking spikes present a strong visual deterrent and look like they are made from robust metal they are in fact made from plastic. And while these can cause pain if grabbed by hand or if an animal attempts to walk on them, they are designed to inflict no serious injury.

flexible stegastrip anti climb spikes on trellis
Flexible Stegastrip spikes mounted on curved trellis

People are often seeking a safe way to keep cat intruders out of their gardens. Stegastrip fulfils this requirement as the spiked strips can’t be walked on by cats who quickly learn that the barrier is painful and awkward to walk on and will simply avoid it.

How to Install Stegastrip

Stegastrip installation is easy, requiring nothing more than a few basic tools and modest DIY skills. As noted, for a static installation, individual 500mm strips are simply screwed to the tops of fences, trellis, walls and gateways - wherever the anti climb barrier is needed. More strips are added, end-to-end, to make the length as long as required. The hinged base enables the strips to be fitted over common fence toppings and other irregular surfaces. Manufactured in the UK from tough polypropylene, Stegastrips can be easily cut to length and the pre-drilled mounting holes make installation a breeze.

stegastrip rotating anti climb wall spikes
Stegastrip rotating anti climb spikes

Where rotating spikes for walls and fences are required, individual Stegastips are simply joined, back-to-back, and then mounted on support pillars every 500mm. This raises the height of the spiked barrier, makes the visual deterrent much stronger and presents an unstable surface which is even more difficult for intruders to negotiate.

What People Say About Stegastrip

One of the best ways to assess any product is to read what others have said about it. Here’s one example.

“Having read about this product as a deterrent I ordered enough to put on top of a run of fencing . They were delivered the very next day . They were as described and easy to fit . Whilst they may not stop a determined offender they will certainly stop the opportunist . A great product with a great service , no problem recommending this company , would certainly use them again .”

This user recognises that while Stegastrip may not defend against a determined intruder it will certainly deter and prevent opportunist criminals. And importantly, Stegastrip is very easy for someone with modest DIY skills to install for themselves.

Here’s another review:

“I purchased this product to sit on top of my gates, at the side of my house, after I disturbed an intruder climbing over them. One of the pictures on the product page shows it being used on a curved, lattice fence piece and I was concerned that it would not bend sufficiently, to fit my gates, as the curve is slightly more than on the image shown. I need not have worried, however as the strip did have enough flexibility to fit the curve of the gates. The product is sufficiently robust as to cause discomfort but not aggressive enough to cause injury. It certainly looks aggressive from a distance! The strip was delivered very quickly and I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to deter an opportunist trespasser.”

As noted, this customer needed something flexible that would work with their existing curved gate tops after having disturbed an intruder. The flexibility of Stegastrip enabled it to be successfully installed and this user notes how the spikes are strong enough to cause discomfort while not causing injury.

Stegastrip is clearly a highly effective anti climb barrier that presents a strong intruder deterrent by looking metallic and aggressive but will only ever cause discomfort and never harm any would-be intruders. 

If you need help in finding the right anti climb solution please give us a call on 01273 475500. We are always happy to help.

This message was added on Thursday 12th November 2020

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