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Fence Guard Anti Cat Strips


Discourage cats, foxes and other unwelcome intruders from your garden.

fence guard anti-cat strips

If you're fed up with uninvited animals ripping up your new plants, or simply using your garden as a toilet, you'll be pleased to hear about our 'fence guard anti cat strips'. Home owners up and down the country have been using these practical, simple devices for years and delighted users are more than happy to share the secret with friends.

Manufactured from UV stabilised, weatherproof plastic, anti-cat strips are easily affordable and simple to fit. The strips are typically screwed to the top of wooden fences or garden walls (each strip features multiple fixing holes for maximum flexibility), alternatively, strips can be stuck in place with a special adhesive.

Each strip is half a metre long (500mm or approx 19") and if required can easily be cut to a shorter length. In appearance they look like an oversize ruler, with three or four rows of moulded conical spikes sticking upward along the length of each strip. Strips are fitted end to end to form an spiked anti climb barrier of the required length, while the width can be extended by fitting strips side by side.

The spikes are purposely designed with a blunted end, to ensure that they will not cause injury to animals or human intruders trying to climb over them, but they do cause extreme discomfort when any weight is put on them, which is what makes them so effective.

The standard Prikka Hinge-Strip is 500mm long x 45mm wide, while the Prikka Super Strip, (also sometimes called a Prikka Brick Strip because it's the width of a brick), is 500mm x 100mm.

Standard Prikka Strips are available individually or in handy packs and offer a choice of 4 practical colours to lend in with any environment (brown, green, black & stone grey).

The wider Prikka Brick Strips are terracotta in colour and again are available either individually or in handy packs.

More information about the Anti Cat Strips and how and where they can be used, can be found on line at; Anti Cat Strips

Or you can buy Anti Cat Strips here at great online prices.

For information on a wide range of anti climb products (including Anti Cat Strips), visit; Anti Climb Perimeter Security Products

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