Fence Security Spikes

Learn how fence security spikes could be the right protection for your boundary fences and walls.

What are fence security spikes and how will they help?

Whether you`re worried about burglars, vandals or other unwelcome intruders, your boundary walls and fences around the perimeter of your property are your first line of defence.

The good news is that you can easily reduce the risk of unwelcome visitors accessing you property, by installing Fence Security Spikes on top of your gates, walls and fence tops. Also, be certain not to overlook your down-pipes and drain pipes which can often be used to gain access to upper storey windows and flat roots.

Insight Security offer a range of both aggressive and non-aggressive fence security spikes, wall top spikes, spiked collars for poles, down-pipes and drainpipes as well as pipe covers and anti climb paint. 

Fence security spikes act as both a physical barrier and a visual deterrent. A person considering accessing your property by scaling your fence will stop and think twice when they run into your fence security. This will often be enough to put them off entirely.

Non-aggressive fence security spikes tend to be manufactured from plastic, such as polypropyklene. They are designed to cause maximum discomfort but minimal harm, making them highly suitable for use in schools or homes where children might come into contact with them.

More aggressive forms of fence security spikes are made from tough galvanised steel. This type of fence security spike generally requires installation above a specified height and warning signs will need to be displayed. This type of security spike is often used around government buildings, such as embassies, MOD property, commercial storage depots and other places where very high security is required.

Non aggressive fence security spikes

Popular with schools, institutions and homeowners.

fence security spikes - prikka strip A popular choice with our customers are our non-aggressive Prikka Fence Security Spikes otherwise known as Prikla Strip.

This simple but effective product is supplied in plastic strip form, each strip being 500mm x 45mm with 15mm high spikes. The spikes are made from rugged all weather polypropylene and are available in 4 colours (green, black, stone grey, and black) and can be installed end to end to form a long linear run, such as would be required along the top of a fence, or side by side to produce a wider anti-climb barrier. A wider Prikka Brick Strip is also available being 500mm x 100mm with taller 25mm high spikes.

Fence security spikes are easy to install along the top of your walls or fences and can be nailed, screwed or stuck in place.

These anti-climb spikes are designed to cause discomfort rather than injury to anyone trying to climb over them, making them perfect for home security and they also act as a humane deterrent to stop cats and foxes from entering and fouling in your garden.

As with all anti-climb products, we advise that you display warning signs where this type of product is installed and for commercial premises, this may be a legal requirement.

Fence security spikes for commercial premises;

fence security spikes - Razor PointA more robust solution is often required to raise the security of homes, commercial premises or perhaps military establishments. In these cases, the more aggressive anti-climb fence security spikes stocked by Insight Security are the type of solution you are looking for. These systems include: Razor Channel, Razor Comb, Razor Point and Razor Spike.

Manufactured from Steel with pre drilled fixing holes to make installation quick and easy, these units can be fitted to walls, fences and gates or even building fascias.

Their more aggressive visual appearance itself would certainly discourage any potential opportunist from attempting access to your property, but there are some restrictions as to where and at what minimum height this type of product can be used and what type of warning signage must be displayed.



Other Perimeter Security Products

All available from stock.

Other products available from our stock range of anti-climb perimeter security products include; Rotating Fence Spikes such as our Vandgard Anti-climb Barrier, Rotaspike and our unique Roller Barrier "non aggressive" product which has become the anti-climb system of choice as specified by many schools and local authorities.

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