Fence Spikes

What Fence Spikes are available and where can you use them?

Your perimeter is your first line of defence against thieves, vandals and other unwelcome intruders, so fitting Fence spikes or other anti-climb or intruder deterrent products is a practical and cost effective investment, whether you are looking to protect your business premises or your home.

What are fence spikes - and what types are available?

Fence spikes are a type of anti-climb security spike and whilst the name fence spike indicates that they are designed to be mounted on a fence (typically along the top edge), they can often also be found fixed along the top of walls or fixed to building fascias.

Popular types of fence spikes include both static and rotating spiked barriers, with the spikes being manufactured from a range of materials including weather resistant plastics, steel and aluminium, among others.

Fence Spikes


Our range of static security fence spikes include products such as our; Razor Point steel fence spikes, Razor Channel and Razor Comb metal spikes, and popular plastic security spikes such as our Prikka Strip, Stegastrip and Prikla spikes.



Fence Spikes - Vanguard Rotating Anti-climb Barrier


Rotating Fence Top Barriers include Vandguard Spikes, Rotaspike





Roller Barrier Anti-climb system

  ...and of course where the use of a spiked barrier would not be allowable, our popular Roller Barrier "Non Aggressive" anti-climb system offers a practical and cost effective alternative.

Are there restrictions as to where fence spikes can be used?

The answer is yes, however our wide range of fence spikes include products suitable for use in different types of location, so we should be able to offer you an off the shelf solution - whatever your needs or location.

Our less aggressive spikes, such as those manufactured from plastic material are widely used to form a protective topping to garden walls or fences and are also often used around the top edge of easily accessed flat roofs, such domestic garages, single storey school buildings, etc.

Our more aggressive metal type fence spikes are typically used to protect the perimeter of commercial premises and their use is subject to a number of considerations such as the minimum height at which they can be installed, the use of warning signs to alert persons to their presence, etc.


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