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Fence Spikes for Perimeter Security

The perimeter of your property is your first line of defence against unwanted intruders. Protecting your home or business premises against thieves, vandals and other undesirable visitors is essential. Robust security fencing, perimeter walls and gates are important - but anti climb fence spikes and wall spikes provide cost effective perimeter security that’s been tried, tested and proven to be effective in a multitude of applications and locations.

What are Fence Spikes?

Although they may be generally called ‘fence spikes’, suggesting they are designed specifically for fences, fence top spikes can also often be used along the top of walls or on building facias or gates to prevent unwanted climbers. They can even be added to existing security fencing to bolster your existing perimeter security.

Fence spikes are a form anti-climb, anti-intruder barrier that act as both a visual and physical deterrent. The visual aspect of fence and wall spikes is an important security feature as this is often enough to deter would-be intruders. Security fence spikes are available in either static or rotating designs. They are manufactured from a range of materials including metal (aluminium and steel) along with weatherproof plastic. 

Static Security Fence Spikes

Static fence spikes are available in a range of designs and materials. Our plastic fence top spikes are particularly popular as they are low-cost, easily installed and provide a highly effective anti-cat barrier. See our extensive range of Stegastrip and Prikla anti climb spikes. 

wall and fence spikes
Wall and Fence Spikes


Our static metal fence spikes include Razor Comb, Razor Channel, Razor Point and Razor Spike products. Robust, galvanised steel security spikes with various profiles and designs, suitable for a wide range of perimeter fences and walls. 

Rotating Security Spikes

Our rotating anti-climb security spikes add another layer of perimeter protection by presenting an unstable barrier which can’t be easily overcome. Rotaspike anti climb barrier is an intentionally aggressive looking fence or wall top security barrier that looks formidable and acts as a strong, visual anti-climb deterrent. Another popular design is our aluminium rotating anti climb barrier that’s very popular with supermarkets and other commercial organisations.

stegastrip rotating anti climb barrier
Stegastrip Anti Climb Rotating Barrier

Rotating Fence Top Barriers include: Stegastrip Anticlimb Rota-barrier. 

Non-Aggressive Anti-Climb Roller Barrier

While spiked fence top barriers are highly effective there are many circumstances in which only a non-aggressive anti-climb barrier is suitable. That’s where the Insight Security Roller Barrier system is particularly effective.

roller barrier installation
Roller Barrier Non Aggressive Anti Climb Barrier

Specifically designed for situations in which vulnerable people and children may come into contact, Roller Barrier is designed to be totally safe while at the same time acting as a highly effective anti-climb intruder barrier. An important aspect of our Roller Barrier system is it’s appearance which is totally non-aggressive making it ideal for use in situations where nasty looking spiked barriers would be inappropriate such as around schools, playgrounds and hospitals. 

Fence Spike Usage and Restrictions

You need to be aware of restrictions that apply to the use of fence spikes and the duty-of-care responsibility that every property owner has in relation to any person coming onto their property - including unwanted intruders. It is generally recommended that warning signs are prominently displayed wherever metal security spikes are installed.

Our more aggressive metal fence spikes are typically used to protect the perimeters of commercial premises such as supermarkets and goods yards. Their use is subject to a number of considerations and restrictions such as the minimum height at which they can be installed, along with the use of warning signs, as recommended.

Our less aggressive spikes, such as those manufactured from plastic material, are widely used to form a protective topping to garden walls or fences and are also often used around the top edge of easily accessed flat roofs, such domestic garages and single storey school buildings.

Fence Spikes FAQ

Do fence spikes work?

The short answer is ‘yes’. Fence spikes are widely used because they are highly effective. If you need to deter would-be intruders and thieves, highly visible, aggressive looking metal spikes will do the job. And if you need to keep neighbourhood cats or foxes out of your garden then non-aggressive plastic fence-topper spikes are very effective.

Do fence spikes stop cats?

Weatherproof plastic Prikla strip fence spikes are very effective anti-fox and anti-cat deterrents. The plastic spikes are harmless to humans but they are so close together that they make it impossible for cats and foxes to easily gain a foothold on a fence or wall top.

Can I put spikes on top of my garden wall?

Yes you can. But when using any form of aggressive anti-intruder barrier its important to be aware of the duty-of-care responsibility you have toward anyone coming into contact with the barrier. When using fence spikes or wall spikes that can potentially cause injury it’s essential to warn people by displaying appropriate signage. 

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