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Finding the Best Convex Mirror Guidance


Here at Insight Security we appreciate the many practical ways in which convex mirrors enhance safety and security. We also know that people ask many questions about convex mirrors so we are pleased to highlight a new blog that aims to answer these queries.

The internet provides so much information on almost any topic it can sometimes be bewildering. Knowing where to go for reliable information and guidance is invaluable, which is why Wikipedia has become so popular and respected.

But if you visit Wikipedia and enter the query: ‘convex mirror’ you will be redirected to this page: Curved Mirror.

The valuable information on the page relates to both convex and concave curved mirrors. It includes all of the relevant terminology related to these interesting mirrors including focal length, principal axis and centre of curvature. It also offers some information on how and where convex mirrors are used. But the Wikipedia page provides only a few examples and images demonstrating the use of convex mirrors.

Introducing ConvexMirrors.co.uk

A new blog called ConvexMirrors.co.uk aims to expand on the information offered from Wikipedia and elsewhere. Their aims are clearly stated as:

Our Aims
Our primary aim is to provide accurate information on all aspects of convex mirrors – from their historic origins to the science of how they work. We want people to recognise the many ways in which convex mirrors support our day to day lives and how we rely on them, often without realising it.”

So far, this new blog has published a growing collection of informative articles along with unique images demonstrating convex mirrors in a variety of applications. For anyone researching convex mirrors, perhaps for a school or college project, this new blog is definitely a goto destination.

Growing Interest in Convex Mirrors

Looking at Google trends we can see how interest in both the subject of convex mirrors along with the search query has been growing. Here’s the five year chart showing how interest in these mirrors has significantly grown since 2021.

convex mirror search
Convex Mirror - Search Interest in Blue - Topic in Red


The global search volume for this popular term is currently indicated to be around 86K per month that breaks down as follows:

  • India: 35K
  • Philipines: 11K
  • United States: 7.9K
  • United Kingdom: 5K
  • Canada: 3.4K
  • Australia: 3K
  • Malaysia: 1.7K
  • Singapore: 1.4K
  • Indonesia: 1.2K
  • United Arab Emirates: 1.1K

As can be seen, the vast majority of monthly searches for ‘convex mirror’ come from India. While it might be argued this is due to the much larger population in India this doesn’t correlate with these search volumes. The population of India is around 1,425,776,000 while the UK population is 66,971,000 and the USA population is 333,288,000. So the apparently elevated interest in convex mirrors from India isn’t simply down to the number of people in the country.

Questions People Ask about Convex Mirrors

Examining the specific ‘convex mirror’ related questions people are regularly asking online provides insight into what people want to know. Here’s a list of the 63 most popular questions people are currently asking:

  • what is a convex mirror
  • what is convex mirror
  • where can i buy a convex mirror
  • what happens when light hits a convex mirror
  • what is the shape of a convex mirror
  • where can i buy convex mirror
  • why convex mirror are used in rear view
  • what is the meaning of convex mirror
  • what is a concave and convex mirror
  • how does a convex mirror reflect light
  • why convex mirror is used in cars
  • why a convex mirror is used in vehicles
  • what is a convex mirror definition
  • what is convex glass mirror
  • why is the passenger side mirror convex
  • how does light reflect off a convex mirror
  • how to draw convex mirror ray diagrams
  • what is the difference between a concave and convex mirror
  • what does a convex mirror do
  • why convex mirror is called diverging mirror
  • what does convex mirror mean
  • which describe the image formed by the convex mirror? check all that apply.
  • what image does a convex mirror produce
  • what is the convex mirror
  • how to fix convex mirror
  • why rear view mirror is convex
  • where is convex mirror used
  • how to install convex mirror on wall
  • what is convex mirror used for
  • what are the advantages and disadvantages of convex mirror
  • what is the difference between concave and convex mirror
  • where to buy convex mirror
  • how to draw convex mirror
  • how to install convex mirror
  • what does convex mirror do
  • what is principal focus of convex mirror
  • why convex mirror is used as security mirror
  • why convex mirror is used in vehicles
  • convex extension mirror which side
  • how to remove convex mirror from side mirror
  • image formed by a convex mirror when the object is at infinity
  • how to build convex mirror
  • where to put convex mirror on car
  • what convex mirror
  • why are rear view mirror convex
  • why is a rear view mirror convex
  • what does a convex mirror do?
  • how is an image produced by a plane mirror different than an image produced by a convex mirror?
  • what is concave and convex mirror
  • why convex mirror
  • how to make a convex mirror
  • how to hang a convex mirror
  • what is a convex mirror?
  • how will a vehicle appear in a convex mirror?
  • convex mirror gives which image
  • why side mirror is convex
  • what size convex mirror do i need
  • why do we prefer a convex mirror in vehicles
  • convex mirror when object is at infinity
  • how to make convex mirror
  • what are convex mirror
  • where should a convex bagua mirror be placed
  • how does convex mirror work

The questions ‘what is a convex mirror’ along with ‘what is convex mirror’ are by far the most commonly asked. These and many other ‘convex mirror’ related queries are answered from the new ConvexMirrors.co.uk blog.

What is a Convex Mirror?

Online search behaviour shows that a lot of people want to clarify exactly what a convex mirror is. The related query: ‘what does a convex mirror do’ is another question that’s commonly asked.

The new ConvexMirrors.co.uk blog has clearly responded to these questions in this post: What is a Convex Mirror? The post states and demonstrates what convex mirrors are and highlights other terms used to describe them, such as ‘diverging mirrors’. The characteristics of convex mirrors are shown as well as the terminology that students may need to understand.

The post includes answers to some commonly asked related questions including:

  • What is the Vertex of a Convex Mirror?
  • Who Invented the Convex Mirror?
  • Where are Convex Mirrors Used?

The post includes some excellent, engaging images demonstrating convex mirrors in practical applications as well as historic artworks. It also answers the commonly asked search queries: ‘why convex mirror is called diverging mirror’ as well as ‘what is the difference between concave and convex mirror’.

The key differences between concave and convex mirrors are further clarified in this post: Difference between concave and convex mirrors

safety and security mirrors
See Our Range of Safety and Security Mirrors


Where Convex Mirrors are Used

Another questioning search query that’s asked many times every month is: ‘where is convex mirror used?’ Although this is summarily answered in the previously highlighted post the blog has published a more extensive post entitled: Discover the Many Uses of Convex Mirrors in Everyday Life

The variety of ways in which convex mirrors are commonly used is usefully summarised in this post. From home decor to automotive and security applications, the post acknowledges the ubiquity and usefulness of convex mirrors.

Why do we Prefer a Convex Mirror in Vehicles?

Its interesting to note how many people search for this query every month: ‘why do we prefer a convex mirror in vehicles?’ This specific question is apparently asked as many as 1300 times a month. There are also a notable number of related questions asking why convex mirrors are used in vehicles.

The new ConvexMirrors.co.uk answers these questions in this post: Why convex mirrors are used as rear view mirrors

The post clarifies exactly what real and virtual images are and encourages readers to simply use a shiny spoon to examine the reflective principles of both convex and concave surfaces. It shows and points out how convex rear view mirrors in vehicles provide drivers with an expanded, wide angle view of what’s behind them - which is the reason why they are `preferred` in vehicles.

Convex Mirrors for Road and Traffic Safety

The new ConvexMirrors.co.uk blog has a strong focus on road and traffic safety where convex mirrors are particularly useful. The blog highlights how considerately located convex mirrors are a boon for both drivers and pedestrians, helping avoidance of dangerous collisions.

traffic safety mirrors
Convex Traffic Safety Mirrors


A recent post highlights how convex roadside traffic safety mirrors are used at the popular RHS Rosemoor gardens in North Devon where they are located to help drivers exit from the site onto the busy main road. It is understood that the blog will be highlighting further road safety applications and situations in which convex mirrors have been installed to help avoid collisions.

Convex Mirrors for Security Applications

Another important arena in which convex mirrors are widely used is for security applications. Small convex mirrors on extendable poles are routinely used by those engaged in search operations, such as HM customs and excise. And larger sized search and inspection mirrors are commonly used to carry out under-vehicle searches at prisons, border control locations and sensitive sites such as MOD premises. The use of lookunder inspection mirrors is covered in this post: What are lookunder inspection mirrors?

retail security mirrors
Convex Retail Security Mirrors


And convex retail security mirrors are attracting a lot of attention due to the cost of living crisis that’s driving a worldwide shoplifting crime wave. Shopkeepers and retailers need cost effective solutions to help prevent shoplifting and enable them to stay in business. Convex retail security mirrors provide a very low cost security enhancement that enables retail workers to safely monitor shop visitors and raise alerts if they see theft taking place.

Aesthetics of Convex Mirrors

An important aspect of convex mirrors that isn’t overlooked in the new blog is aesthetics. Popular retailer Ikea currently offers a smart, decorative 41cm convex mirror purely for decorative purposes and decorative applications are covered in this blog: Using convex Mirrors for Decorative Applications

It notes how old convex mirrors can often be found at car boot sales and in antique shops. These can generally be acquired very cheaply and provide a great way to introduce visual interest into a room and make the most of natural light.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Convex Mirrors

The new ConvexMirrors.co.uk blog acknowledges that while convex mirrors are enormously beneficial there are some potential disadvantages to be aware of. The ‘Advantages and Disadvantages of Convex Mirrors’ post points out how objects reflected in convex mirrors look further away than they really are, which can be misleading. But the advantages provided by convex mirrors clearly outweigh the disadvantages which is one of the key reasons why people are increasingly interested in these mirrors.

Why People are Interested in Convex Mirrors

The many questions people ask about convex mirrors are abundantly apparent. As noted, while worldwide interest is very high, people in India are doing the most searches and asking the most questions about these useful mirrors. While there are likely to be many contributing factors it is reported that retail security and road traffic safety are two of the primary reasons people in India are searching for information on convex mirrors.

There is a strong need and desire to improve safety on the roads and considerately located, affordable road traffic safety mirrors make a huge difference. Convex mirrors help drivers see approaching traffic on busy roads as they exit from premises, thus avoiding nasty collisions. And these useful mirrors can assist drivers in negotiating narrow parking spaces and busy traffic environments.

With shoplifting surging around the world as people struggle to cope with cost of living price increases many retailers are searching for low cost, effective deterrents and prevention methods. Carefully located, affordable convex retail security mirrors can make a huge difference to the number of theft incidents suffered by a store.

We look forward to seeing more valuable convex mirror guidance and information from the ConvexMirrors.co.uk blog.

If you have any questions about convex security or safety mirrors - or if you have any special requirements - remember we are here to help. Give us a call on 01273 475500 and we’ll provide you with free, expert advice.

This message was added on Thursday 16th November 2023

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