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Outhouses, sheds and garages are often used to store valuable equipment such as cycles, motorbikes and other leisure equipment, but door security of such buildings is often an area of potential weakness.

Garage Door Protectors and Garage Door Blockers offer an extra layer of security which can prove invaluable when used to help protect your cherished equipment.

Adding extra hasps and locks or a door security bar can help beef up protection for pedestrian access doors, but the vehicle access garage door presents a particular problem, which is where a Garage Door Protector should be a serious consideration.

There are basically two main types of garage door in general use, each of which requires a different type of solution.

Up and Over Garage Doors

The Up and Over type garage door, is popular and widely used as the vehicle access door for domestic type garages throughout the UK as well as being popular in many other countries.

This door of this type is a large, single panel structure, which when unlocked, pivots outward from the bottom and slides up and back into the garage, allowing the stored vehicle to pass under it as it is driven out of the garage.

Door Protectors and Door Blockers are designed to prevent the door from swinging out at the bottom, which simply prevents the door from being opened.

Roller Shutter Garage Doors

Roller shutter type doors offer the user the advantage of doing away with the intrusive track mechanism used to guide the up and over type door back into the garage as the door is opened. Roller Doors are constructed from multiple interlocking horizontal slats or panels and roll up into some form of housing, mounted above the garage door on the inside of the garage.

Many Roller Shutter Doors are electronically operated and do not feature any form of physical locking mechanism. The solution for adding security to this type of door, is to install a locking mechanism which locks to or into a ground mounted locking point. For maximum security, this will typically be an embedded, concrete in type, locking point.    

Your Choice

There are several types of door blockers and locks available, however as with all of the products offered by Insight Security, we have selected proven units which are Sold Secure Tested and Approved, and which are not only easy to install, but are also practical and convenient to use.

Sold Secure Garage Door Protectors

GA5 Garage Door Protector - Sold Secure Bronze Approved

Special Offer

List Price£124.98 ex VAT

Offer Price£57.50 ex VAT

You save£67.48 ex VAT

SKU Number : DSP01020

Garage Door Defender with shackless padlock - Sold Secure Bronze (domestic)


1 - 3

4 - 10

11 +


£52.50 ex VAT

£47.25 ex VAT

Call 01273 475500

SKU Number : DSP01010

Roller Shutter Door Lock - Sold Secure Silver Approved


1 - 3

4 - 10

11 +


£64.95 ex VAT

£58.45 ex VAT

Call 01273 475500

SKU Number : DSP01030
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