Garrett handheld metal detector wand

Robust construction and reliable performance make the Garrett handheld metal detector wand the natural choice of security professionals, police and the military, worldwide.

As crime continues to rise, the need for security devices rises also. This highly reliable security wandThe Garrett handheld metal detector wand is in widespread use in locations all around the world. They are used to detect metal objects and weapons concealed on a person or inside parcels and baggage.

An Inexpensive yet effective device to enhance your security, handheld metal detector wands are commonly seen in use by Security Staff and Police in Airports, Transportation Terminals, Sports & Football Stadiums, Concerts, Night Clubs, Schools and Colleges.

They offer a low cost, practical solution for users who need to scan persons for metal objects, however where high volumes of people need to be scanned, a walkthrough metal detector such as the Garrett PD6500i is a more practical option, but is of course also much more expensive.

The Garrett handheld metal detector wand is also a favourite choice of security staff at retail stores where they are used as part of a staff anti pilfering procedure. When used for this type of application, the wands will often be used in conjunction with a Random Search Selector, which allows the security personnel to randomly select individuals for scanning as they leave the premises.

Checking random individuals rather than all staff members as they leave causes minimal delay at the exit, whilst the use of the Random Search Selector eliminates the risk of any individual selected for scanning from claiming they are being discriminated against. With this approach, even though not everyone is being scanned, no one knows if they will be selected, so the process still acts as a powerful deterrent to staff pilfering.

"Buyer Beware" - Avoid Fakes

Over recent years the world market has been flooded with rip-off copies of Garrett metal detectors. The Garrett handheld metal detector wand is a high performance security device which utilises state of the art digital sensor technology and will provide many years of reliable service.

Many of the best looking fake units are almost impossible to tell apart from the genuine article, internally they use outdated analogue technology and shoddy assembly which combine to not only use batteries very quickly, which means high running costs, but also leads to early failure of the unit. Using fake security wands will also have a detrimental impact on your security.

When buying a Garrett metal detector please make sure you always buy from a reliable source like Insight Security.

When you buy a Garrett device from Insight Security you can be confident that you are getting a genuine Garrett product!

And where whatever you purchase is backed up by the Insight Security "No Quibble - Money Back Guarantee".

Garrett Handheld Metal Detector Wand Technical Specifications

The Garrett Metal Detector Wand features the following:

Alarm Indication:   Simultaneous high intensity Red L.E.D and Piezo sounder
                               (amber L.E.D indicator on low battery condition)

Sensitivity:             High sensitivity combined with extended detection area ensures ultra fast 
                               scanning / detection with minimum sweeps

Operating Time:     Around 80 hours continuous operation from a single 9v alkaline battery @ 25°C

Dimensions:           420 x 83 x 41mm

Weight:                  500 grams


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