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Garrett Paragon Walk-through Metal Detector

Product code: MD PARAGON

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Powerful performance, flexibility and ease of use combine to make this the go-to product for hard pressed security supervisors everywhere.



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Garrett Paragon Walk-through Metal Detector SKU Number - MDW01030

The Garrett Paragon high-performance walk-through metal detector is designed to meet the demands of modern security needs, offering a combination of advanced detection capabilities, user-friendly features, and a sleek, modern design.

High performance technology and ease of use.

Utilizing Garrett`s exclusive VLF (Very Low Frequency) technology the Paragon provides superior detection of a wide range of metallic items, including weapons, jewelry, coins, and everyday metal objects.

Whilst advanced electronics and signal processing algorithms enable it to effectively detect even small, non-ferrous items that may be missed by other walk-through detectors.

The Garrett intuitive user interface makes the Paragon ideal for both experienced or novice security personnel, whilst 23 standard built in ready to use security applications make set up quick and easy.

Of course if none of the 23 ready to use standard applications suit your specific needs, you can easily set up your own applications and settings.

Add to that, up to 200 distinct sensitivity levels and 66 detection zones (with a zone-boost option), to pinpoint target items, and it’s easy to see why the new Paragon Metal Detector Arch is a winner with security professionals.

Versatile Two-Way Traffic capability.

Another exciting feature is the bilateral flow capability, which means that the unit can be set up to monitor people passing through it in both directions.

The unit can be set up with different sensitivity settings for each direction of flow, so you may for example choose to check incoming traffic for weapons, but outgoing traffic for smaller items that may have been pilfered from your premises.


Designed for all weather performance the unit carries an IP65 rating, so it is dust and water resistant. Which coupled with a design that simplifies the setup of multiple units in close proximity, makes this unit super versatile in respect of where it can be installed and used.

Power Options.

The Paragon can be mains or battery powered, but whichever way you choose to power it, you’ll appreciate the inbuilt UPS which provides emergency battery backup operation for up to 30 minutes in the event of a power failure,


The Garrett Paragon is ideal for use in a wide range of security environments, including:

·         Airports, Ferry Ports and other transportation hubs

·         Government buildings and sensitive public areas

·         Schools, colleges, and universities

·         Hospitals, clinics and medical facilities,

·         Public venues, stadiums, music and sporting events

Dimensions & Weight.

Overall Exterior Size -

            H,   87.0” (2.21m)

            W,  35.0” (0.90m)

            D,   23.0” (0.58m)

Passageway Interior Size

            H,   81.5” (2.07m)

            W,  30.0” (0.76m) - (increased to 32.5" for the ADA option)

            D,   23.0” (0.58m)

Note, the ADA option offers an increased internal width: 32.5” (0.83m), which
          would for instance make it easier for wheel chair users to pass through
          the unit. (ADA: Americans with Disabilities Act Standards).

Weight – 180lbs (81.64kg)

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