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Get Free CPR teaching equipment for Your School


The British Heart Foundation is offering Free CPR Training aids to qualifying schools and colleges on to see how your school could benefit

Mini Anne CPR Training Dummy

The British Heart Foundation in conjunction with organisations such as the Resuscitation Council (UK), have been campaigning tirelessly to get Emergency Life Support (ELS) skills, taught in all UK Secondary Schools.

...and are now offering Free Training aids and materials to qualifying schools and colleges on to find out how your school could benefit from this great offer 



It can take as little as 2 hours to teach pupils the skill and according to Heart Charity Leaders, teaching all pupils in secondary schools could save up to 100 lives every week.

Recent research in Scotland by the BHF found that around 85% of Scots believe that CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) should be taught as part of the school curriculum in the same way it is already taught in Norway, where it has helped to improve survival rates by up to 40%

Like riding a bike, once learned, ELS skills remain with you for life, so each year, as the number of ELS skilled persons in the community grow, it could make a significant difference to the survival rate of the 30,000 Heart Attack victims in the UK each year (some 80% of the victims suffering an attack at home).

Heart Attacks can strike anyone, at any time, from young to old, from the unfit, to top athletes, as evidenced by the sudden collapse on the football pitch in 2012 of Bolton Wanderers Fabrice Muamba.  Thanks to quick action by trained pitch-side medical staff who applied CPR, Fabrice survived, but he is one of the lucky ones.

At present, the survival rate of victims in the UK is typically between 5% and 10%, but performing CPR can double the victims chance of survival. In fact according to Puget Sound Business Journal, in Seattle (USA) where CPR is has been taught in school PE lessons for some years, over half of the population are now CPR trained and the city boasts the worlds highest survival rate of 56%!

So considering the potential benefits, why is CPR not already taught in schools?

Well there are probably several historical reasons including; lack of understanding of the potential benefits, resistance to change, worry about how it could be taught effectively (and by whom), and of course the cost of relevant training materials and equipment.

The good news however, is that we have finally recognised the potential benefits, the community at large appears to support the concept and there are some excellent and inexpensive training aids readily available.

…however the really good news is that the British Heart Foundation are currently offering “Mini Anne” CPR practice manikins complete with video training aids, etc., absolutely Free of Charge to qualifying secondary schools, sixth forms and colleges.

To find out how your school could take advantage of this great offer, visit;

This message was added on Friday 17th October 2014


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