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Global Demand for Anti Climb Roller Barrier


Here at Insight Security we have noted a growing worldwide demand for our totally non-aggressive anti climb Roller Barrier system, designed and manufactured by us, here in the UK. While aggressive, spiked anti climb barriers are widely known and recognised, our Roller Barrier system is becoming increasingly respected for being the best harmless, yet highly effective, anti climb solution available today.

Property owners and occupiers have a duty of care for everyone who enters their properties including unwanted intruders and burglars. In the UK the Occupiers Liability Act 1984 states that the occupier has a duty of care to people if:

  1. he/she is aware of the danger or has reasonable grounds to believe that it exists;
  2. he/she knows or has reasonable grounds to believe that the other is in the vicinity of the danger concerned or that he may come into the vicinity of the danger (in either case, whether the other has lawful authority for being in that vicinity or not); and
  3. the risk is one against which, in all the circumstances of the case, he/she may reasonably be expected to offer the other some protection.

In practice, what this means is that if someone was to injure themselves due to dangers which are known to exist, such as spiked anti climb barriers, then the property owner or occupier could find themselves liable. Similar laws exist in other countries which has fuelled a growing need for an effective yet totally harmless anti climb solution.


In Australia our down-under distributor, Blue Dog Fences, has noted an upsurge in interest and demand for our Roller Barrier system.

The totally non-aggressive functionality and appearance of Roller Barrier makes it eminently suitable for installations where nasty looking and potentially harmful spiked barriers are totally inappropriate.

roller barrier rooftop anti climb protection
Anti Climb Roller Barrier protecting flat rooftops.

Customers like the fact that Roller Barrier can be readily retro-fitted to existing buildings and structures to protect flat rooftops from unwanted climbers and prevent people from scaling walls, fences and gates. People also like to see how Roller Barrier is visually very unobtrusive and doesn’t look anything like conventional spiked anti-climb barriers. This attribute makes it highly suitable for applications in and around hospitals and care institutes. What’s more, Roller Barrier is extremely cost effective, comparing favourably alongside more traditional forms of anti climb barrier.


Roller Barrier has also received praise from clients in Canada where our non-aggressive anti climb solution has been deployed to deal with a variety of challenges. 

One notable installation has been carried out at a Canadian young offenders institute which previously had problems with agile young people climbing onto rooftops. It was essential that the anti climb solution was both harmless and non-aggressive in its appearance. Spiked anti climb barriers were clearly out of the question and the chosen system had to be capable of being retro-fitted to existing buildings.

Anti climb Roller Barrier at Canadian Young Offenders Institute
Roller Barrier at a Canadian Young Offenders Institute.

Roller Barrier was successfully installed and immediately had a beneficial impact on climbing attempts from inmates. Once the effectiveness of the barrier became widely known the frequency of climbing incidents immediately declined and the system has been extensively praised for its non-threatening appearance and non-aggressive performance.


Demand for Roller Barrier from interested customers in the USA has grown enormously. Correctional institutes in particular have recognised the huge benefits that our totally non-aggressive and genuinely non-harmful anti-climb system brings to their establishments. Roller Barrier is now the preferred anti-climb system-of-choice that’s recommended for correctional institutes in many areas of the USA.

Roller Barrier at USA psychiatric centre
Anti Climb Roller Barrier at a USA Psychiatric Centre

Psychiatric institutes, hospitals and other care establishments are also benefiting from Roller Barrier’s versatility, ease of installation and cost effectiveness. Unlike many other forms of anti climb barrier Roller Barrier is highly unobtrusive making it ideal for establishments dealing with people who may experience anxiety at the sight of aggressive looking, spiked boundary walls and fences. Roller Barrier blends with existing architecture and doesn’t really look like traditional forms of perimeter security making it ideal for situations where an effective anti climb barrier is essential but it must be low key and blend unobtrusively with existing property aesthetics.

South Africa

Perimeter security has become increasingly important in South Africa as robbery from non-residential properties increased by more than 3% between 2019 and 2020. Property owners and occupiers know that they need to prevent burglars from entering while at the same time they don’t want to risk causing harm, especially to children or animals who may come into contact with any installed anti climb barrier.

Roller Barrier has again become the preferred anti climb system wherever an effective barrier is required which isn’t aggressive, spikey or potentially harmful. When Roller Barrier is installed along wall-tops, fences and gateways it presents a highly unstable boundary that can’t be gripped by human hands, making it almost impossible to overcome. But the absence of sharp spikes means the potential for injury is minimised.

double roller barrier increasing boundary wall height
Double Roller Barrier Safely Increasing Height of Boundary Wall

Roller Barrier is also being used to keep young children and animals safely contained within specific areas without fear of potential injury as a result of climbing attempts. Parents and pet owners know that their children and animals are safe and if they try to scale the wall or fence Roller Barrier will prevent them from climbing over without causing them any harm.

Versatile, Cost Effective and Safe

We are immensely proud of our anti climb Roller Barrier system which has been entirely designed and developed by us here at Insight Security. We also manufacture the product to very high standards, here in the UK. Our growing global customer base regularly tell us how they love Roller Barrier’s versatility, it’s unobtrusive appearance, the fact that it is totally safe and the system’s affordability.

If you need help with perimeter security or anti climb solutions please give us a call on 01273 475500. We are always happy to help.

This message was added on Wednesday 28th October 2020

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