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Great Customer Service Brings Business Success


Anniversaries and birthdays are important occasions for us all and here at Insight Security we are about to reach a very significant milestone. Our business was started by our managing director, Ivor Blatchford, way back in 1990 and in September the company reaches the ripe old age of 30 years. The success of Insight Security has been underpinned by one key business attribute and that’s the established Customer first ethos to provide practical, actionable and impartial advice to anyone needing it, totally free of charge. Always putting the customer first is a fundamental aspect of our business foundation and this approach has helped many thousands of customers successfully overcome their security and safety challenges. Our customers know that whenever they need help and advice all they need do is give us a call or drop us an email and they always get the best quality advice without being pushed to place an order.

30 Years of Great Customer Service

Before starting Insight Security Ivor Blatchford had a very successful and varied career in IT. He astutely recognised a developing need for computer security solutions to support the exploding use of personal computers. So Ivor and Insight Security developed a range of security enclosures and sensor based movement alarms to protect computers, printers and other valuable pieces of IT equipment against the growing threat of theft. These successful security solutions were widely used by a diverse range of private companies and public sector organisations, establishing Insight Security’s reputation for providing genuinely effective, reliable security products that really work.

Ivor noted that the security solution industry was plagued by a lack of help and advice that could be understood by those who needed it. He also noted how there was an ever increasing number of security products coming to the market which were of dubious quality. The marketing hype encouraged people to buy these low quality security products which many then discovered were simply not fit for purpose. This is what prompted Ivor to firmly establish the Insight Security customer-first ethos to ensure that no customer is ever dissatisfied, which remains the backbone of the company today.

Customer Communication is Key

A key aspect of great customer service is effective communications. Recognising the need for trusted, reliable information resources on security products Insight Security produced and published a collection of application and product focussed leaflets in the early days. These evolved into the widely respected Blue Book Guide to Security which grew to become a weighty 230 page tome full of invaluable security advice and guidance.

Another extremely useful publication produced by Insight Security at this time was the Risk Assessment Guide which again contributed to the company’s objective to provide the very best possible guidance to anybody who wants it - totally free of charge and without any obligation.

Ivor’s reputation for providing well-informed, practical and actionable advice on all security matters led to him being invited to share his knowledge and expertise with a wide variety of prestigious organisations and businesses. This expertise and insight has now expanded to include contributions from the Insight-Security team of expert security specialists which is shared via videos, the company website and blog alongside social media.

Insight Security Listens

An important aspect of effective customer communications is always carefully listening to what people are asking and what their experiences are. This has informed the development of the Insight Security catalogue of high quality, tried and tested security products. These are thoroughly evaluated and appraised by experienced security specialists who ensure they do exactly what customers expect them to do. And when the team at Insight-Security hears of a need for which there is no current solution, or becomes aware of a growing security challenge, such as motorcycle theft, then product design and development is called for.

As the 30th birthday for Insight Security approaches it’s a great time to reflect on how the success of the business has been entirely based on putting the customer first. Great customer service, reflected in consistently glowing testimonials, along with the very best security and safety products available today is a winning combination. And there are some exciting developments just around the corner - so watch this space.

If you have any questions or concerns about security or safety solutions we are here to help. Give us a call on 01273 475500 and we’ll give you some free, expert advice.

This message was added on Friday 14th August 2020


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