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Security anchors provide reliable, tough anchor points to which you can to securely lock your valuable items. However good your security chain or cable, you need to be securely attaching your valuables to immovable anchor points to prevent them from being stolen or tampered with. 

Any valuable, movable item offers temptation to would-be thieves. Ground and wall anchors are typically used for:

  • Motorbike security
  • Caravan security
  • Securing Trailers
  • Boat security
  • Bike security  ...and lots more

The good news is that there are many types of Ground Anchors and Wall Anchors available, designed to offer the perfect solution where there is no natural anchor point available. Typically, they will form a secure, immovable loop, to which the padlocked chain or cable can be attached or passed through.

Purpose designed Anchor points come in a wide variety of styles and price, but in simple terms there are basicall three main types:

  1. Wall Anchors
  2. Suface mount or bolt down ground anchors
  3. Concrete-in or embedded ground anchors.

Wall Anchors

As the name suggests, these wall anchor points, which also include our special Shed Shackle, are designed to be fixed to a wall.

Units which are designed to fix to concrete, brick or masonry walls are normally supplied with some form of anchor bolt to provide a robust fixing.

Where the anchor unit is to be attached to some form of wooden structure such as a shed wall, you will need a unit which is specially designed (such as the Shed Shackle) for use with that type of surface, which is obviously less robust than a masonry one.

Surface Mount - Bolt Down Ground Anchors

Surface mount ground anchors, also called bolt down ground anchors, are designed to be securely bolted to a good quality, solid concrete base or similar structure. There are various forms of ground anchoring systems - from bolt down steel box sections to flip up loop types. But as all bolt down ground anchors stand proud of the surface to which they are bolted, they can present a trip hazard so careful consideration when positioning is vital.

Concrete-in - Embedded Ground Anchors

As the name implies, an embedded or concrete-in ground anchor is designed to be sunk into the ground, and will typically be embedded in a block of concrete or a concrete floor.

When properly installed, this type of anchor will provide an even more secure fixing point than a surface mount unit and some types are designed to fit flush to the surface of the ground, avoiding the trip hazard issue. Installation however is likely to be more time consuming than installing a bolt down ground anchor

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Ground and Wall Anchors (Security)

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