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Heavy Duty Double Loop Security Cable - 15mm x 2.1 metres

Product code: PD CB152C

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Cycles, ladders, garden equipment, etc. are some of the things this versatile heavy duty, double loop end security cable can be used to secure.



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Heavy Duty Double Loop Security Cable - 15mm x 2.1 metres SKU Number - CCM31521

This heavy duty security cable with double loop ends is highly versatile making it ideal for all sorts of objects including cycles, ladders, garden equipment, farm machinery and much more. 
Manufactured from robust 15mm braided steel and sheathed in flexible vinyl sleeving, this cable features a closed loop at each end and is a generous 2.1 metres (7 feet) in length.
To use; simply pass the cable through or around the items to be secured and lock the cable ends together and to a suitable anchor point. 

Need a padlock to use with this chain? - see our Prod Ref; SL100D - Heavy Duty "U" Lock Padlock.

Security Advice and Recommendations

When securing your valuable outdoor possessions such as bicycles, trailers and garden furniture you need a flexible, versatile solution that effectively provides the required level of security. We`ve compiled some useful advice that will help ensure that your security measures are what you need.

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James D

I got this cable as added security after some scum had tried cutting through the 10mm cable between my two mototrbikes. They couldn’t manage it, and so I’m very confident that they wont be able to with this 15mm one either...it’s a beast!

Joe Monaghan

I have an expensive ebike and another not quite so expensive, expensive ebike and not having the them disappear would definitely be preferable so I’ve invested a fair amount in various locks, a Abus Granit Extreme 59 D-Lock, a grinder resistant Litelok X3, a Abus Bordo folding lock that came with the bike leaving a cable to secure a quick release front wheel(s). I checked out that was available in bike shops around me and 12mm was the biggest I could find until I saw this 15mm one online so I had to get it. I’m very impressed by the length, thickness and quality of this cable, it still has enough flexibility to make it easy enough to use and it coils down quite well for it’s size and fits into a bag or pannier no problem. Yes a battery angle grinder will get through anything given enough time batteries and blades but it’s unlikely a thief will commit to atacking several high rated locks plus a cable. It’s all extra time, hassle and risk, so hopefully they leave my bike and move onto easier pickings / YOUR BIKE. That’s how I think about things given how things are unfortunely, what a world eh? I’m very happy with my purchase & would thourghly recommend.


Excellent and well made product.

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