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Customised Safety and Security solutions for HMP Estates including Young Offender Institutions

While Prisons and Young Offender Institutions face many problems that businesses and other organisations face, there are of course many issues that are unique to the "Restraint Environment".

For over 20 years, Insight Security has been successfully supplying secure medical facilities, prisons and young offender institutions among others with specialist products and customised solutions designed to address their specific problems and needs.  

We have over that time, earned a reputation for delivering cost effective solutions and as our customers worldwide know, we are happy to work with them to develop customised solutions to meet their specific needs where our stock range of tried and proven products don`t quite tick all of the boxes. 

Roller Barrier is a great example of how we have responded to the need for an entirely non-aggressive, harmless anti climb solution that`s highly effective but doesn`t cause harm and doesn`t appear as aggressive.

Here are some of the specialist products and solutions that have solved problems for our customers worldwide. 


Roller Shield - as recommended by NTRG

Roller Shield in useDeveloped in conjunction with NTRG Kidlington, specifically for HMP Estates,

Roller Shield was developed to be used in pairs, as an aid to restricting the lateral movement of prisoners on upper landings who had climbed over the landing railing, thus initiating a costly incident at height.

These units are used in conjunction with air bags and having proven effective in operational use, are already standard on-site equipment at a number of UK prisons,

  Click here to learn more about Roller Shield and its uses.





Roller Barrier

Images show product in use at a Canadian YOI.

Roller Barrier Anti-climb system (installed at YOI Canada)Developed originally for use at drug rehabilitation institutions, over recent years, Roller Barrier has proven effective at keeping people within containment areas and out of restricted areas.

Popular with secure medical facilities, homes for autism, prisons & young offender institutions, etc.

Roller Barrier is now specified by many UK Local Authorities as the anti-climb system of choice, for use in and around schools and public buildings.

Roller Barrier Anti-climb system (installed at YOI Canada)

Available in a choice of colours, unlike spike based anti-climb systems, non-aggressive Roller Barrier presents no risk of impalement to anyone accidentally falling on to it.

Although typically used outdoors and retro fitted to existing structures to prevent access to flat roofs, or to prevent intruders from climbing over boundary walls or fences, this product has also been used effectively internally, such as in the HMP Winchester Installation (see HMP Winchester case study below)

 Click here to learn more about Roller Barrier (incl. case studies).



HMP Winchester Case Study

HMP Winchester - internal use of Roller Barrier, anti-climb paint and special beam coversFollowing several costly incidents at height,
HMP Winchester approached Insight Security to explore the use of some of Insights` specialist security products to help reduce the problem.

Following site visits and discussions, Insight proposed the use of Roller Barrier and Anti-climb Paint to protect the problem areas on the upper landings of selected wings of the prison, to tackle some types of climbing incident.

Insight also designed and manufactured special "Beam Covers" to deter prisoners from climbing onto the RSJ type beams across the central void areas of the wings.

Cost Effective:

The installations were put to the test almost immediately by inmates, producing the desired results without causing anyone injury. Prison Management are confident of a quick return on their investment thanks to the ongoing cost savings from reduced incidents.

Click here to see more details of the HMP Winchester project. 




Other Anti-climb Products

Static and Rotating Anti-climb spiked barriersInsight offer a complete range of "Aggressive" and "Non Aggressive" type anti-climb products including;

"Razor Point" and "Prikka" - static anti-climb spikes,

"Roller Barrier" and "Vandgard" Rotating anti-climb barriers

Along with a range of "Anti-climb Paints" (in a choice of colours including brilliant white!)

Click here to see all anti-climb products





Random search selectors & Metal Detectors

Metal detectors & random search selectorsOur Metal Detector range includes both hand held wand style metal detectors as well as walk through knife arch type units

The clever Random Search Selector is often used in conjunction with metal detectors and provides a simple way of selecting random persons from a group for searching or special attention, without the risk of the operator being accused of discrimination or favouritism.

Click here for more information. 



Security Screws & Fastenings

Security Screws and Fastenings RangeOver 1,000 stock items available for off the shelf next day delivery

Our security screw range includes;

 - one way screws
 - anti tamper screws

Other security Fastenings include;

 - Shear Nuts
 - Scroll Nuts
 - Armour Rings
 - NoGo enclosures (MOD approved for high security applications)


   Click here to see our full range of security screws and fastenings.



Safety & Security Mirrors

safety, search & security mirrors Search & Inspection Mirrors, Anti Ligature Mirrors, Traffic & Industrial Mirrors

whatever your needs, from anti-ligature mirrors, to under-vehicle search mirrors or simple traffic mirrors, you`re bound to find what you need among our range of unbreakable convex mirrors. 

  Click here to see our full ranges of safety and security mirrors. 




Bird Free Fire Gel - the harmless yet instantly effective bird deterrent

birdfree fire gel the instant bird deterrent


Pigeons,Seagulls and other birds can present a problem anywhere that they congregate in numbers and are notoriously difficult to get rid of

      - But Not Any More!

Bird Free Fire Gel is a new generation of problem bird deterrent that is "Instantly Effective" yet completely harmless to birds

With a proven track record worldwide, this product has been extensively trialled in the UK (introduced into UK 2011) and is already proven and a favourite with local authorities, network rail and many other businesses and organisations.



Bird Free has only recently been introduced to HMP Estates, - trial installations at HMP Feltham and HMP Coldingley are imminent (June 2014)

Click here see for yourself how this highly effective, non-harmful bird deterrent works.



All of the products mentioned above have successfully helped the customers they were purchased by or designed for. But please remember, we are happy to explore new or customised solutions to meet those specific needs not currently catered for, so:

If you have a special problem you would like to discuss...

call our specialists on: 01273 475500  -  we`re here to help

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