HMP Winchester - security problems and how they were addressed

As one of the UKs older style prisons, certain elements of the building design at HMP Winchester present particular opportunities for inmates to cause mischief.

One area of concern was a wide cornice type shelf running the length of the older wings of the prison and located a little above the top of the cell doors.

Another problem location being the central void area of the upper landing of some wings, where the prison had experienced recurring problems of incidents at height involving inmates.

Insight Security were invited in, to suggest ways to reduce the risk of problems in these areas and subsequently proposed the installation of a mixture of bespoke and stock products, used in combination;

Protecting the overhead ledges!

To prevent inmates from climbing onto the overhead ledges, Roller Barrier was installed along the leading edge of the ledge.

White cups were chosen to blend in with existing decor, and to prevent the installation appearing as an aggressive or threatening intrusion to the inmates.

For added protection, white anti-climb paint was also used along the top of the ledge and painted on to the support brackets.

HMP Winchester - internal use of Roller Barrier

Protecting the RSJ type "I" Beams across the central void area of the upper landings

The flat top of the "I" beams spanning the central void area had been used by inmates to both stand on and sit on once they had climbed over the landing railings.

Such incidents are classed as incidents at height and are both costly and time consuming to deal with, often involving external assistance.

The solution?

Custom designed covers were manufactured by Insight. The covers feature a pitched roof type top section, coming to a pointed apex, which for added protection was also painted with white anti-climb paint.

The covers fit snugly over the beams and are bolted in position with security fastenings to prevent unauthorised movement.

The risk of inmates using the beams as resting perches has now been removed!

HMP Winchester - beam covers 

Here`s another view of the beam covers from a lower angle.

HMP Winchester - beam covers 


Quick Payback Period for the Investment

Both the ledge protection and beam cover installations have already proven themselves, having been put to the test by inmates. In each case, the installation performed as required, producing the desired results without causing injury to the perpertrators.

Based on the performance to date of the installations, the HMP Management Team are confident that their investment in these measures will achieve a financial break even point very quickly, in view of a reduction in the number of prisoner related incidents in these areas. 


Use of Roller Shield as a containment aid

HMP Winchester have also invested in the custom designed "Roller Shield" containment aids as recommended by NTRG here for full details of  "Roller Shield"


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